360° Networking

It goes without saying that networking is important--in every aspect of life.But in our case, as entrepreneurs, networking is crucial. To find customers, seek mentors, increase your knowledge, increase your reach, all this and more is accomplished with networking. However, many businesses network horizontally, forgetting to network up and down.What does this mean? Think about yourself on a graph. Often, you reach out to people who you have something in common, typically age or work. This is networking horizontally. You’re building relationships with those who are on a similar playing field, so to speak. This is important, no? But don’t forget about the people above and below you on this graph (especially those above you!). Networking with those who are experienced and more knowledgeable can only help you on your quest to achieve.There are plenty of great networking opportunities today. From meetings and clubs to websites like LinkedIn and Facebook, it’s easy to find and connect with others. Try breaking out of your routine and networking horizontally and above you!

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