Content Creation Apps Everyone Needs

Social media allows businesses to communicate with a large audience in a short amount of time...

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘at your fingertips’?

Well, if you struggle to create the right content for your social media, help is literally at your fingertips.

This time, in the form of an app.But before we get too ahead of ourselves, let’s take a step back.

Why is it important for your business to have social media in the first place?

Social media allows businesses to communicate with a large audience in a short amount of time, which is great for strengthening relationships with old customers while finding prospective new customers.

Take a minute to search for your business online.

Does your business have a Facebook page? And if so, does it pop up in the first few search results?

Chances are if you don’t have a Facebook page, or you have one but don’t post often, your business will not be in the top results of a Google search. Furthermore, if your business isn’t at the top of the list, then in the minds of many consumers, your business does not exist.Without social media—and constant posting—your business is hard to find on the internet.

The same internet customers turn to when looking for addresses, phone numbers, or businesses. This is why social media is so important; it makes your business relevant, easier to find, and quicker to connect with.

Okay, lecture over. Social media can be intimidating, especially for small, entrepreneur businesses with little to no social media experience. Every business needs a social media account that is fun, yet professional enough for consumers to take it seriously.

Before you start overthinking/worrying, this is where social media content creation apps come into play, as was discussed in the beginning.

These apps make your posts aesthetic while still containing important information you wish to make known.The first step on this social media journey is to choose which social media platforms to publish onto.

Take a look at your customers and determine which social platforms they are most likely to be on.

Most of the time, younger demographics are on Instagram and Twitter, while older demographics spend a majority of their time on Facebook.

Find out where your customers are, then connect with them.Have you decided which social media platform will best fit your audience? Good.

The next step is to determine the content you wish to post. Will your business best benefit from videos, graphics, images, text, or a combination?In the end, it doesn’t matter which type of content you wish to post, since these apps will transform any idea and raw materials into social media-ready content.

Adobe Spark

One of the best content creation apps is Adobe Spark.

This app is available on Apple, Android, or computer, making it convenient for a wide range of phones and computers.

Adobe Spark helps users to create professional looking graphics, images, videos, and even web pages!Simply put, users are able to choose from a variety of: free designed fonts, thousands of professional stock images, and hundreds of layouts and colors. After you’ve designed your post, Adobe Spark allows you to easily post directly to social media.

This app is the perfect beginning to a social media makeover or start for your business!


If you prefer Apple products, then try downloading Clip.

Clip works with the iCloud, allowing you to view and edit the posts you create on any of your Apple devices.

This app is similar to Adobe Spark in how users can make their own videos, text, graphics, etc.

But it also goes a step further by providing the option of taking video or images in-app or choose from content in the library—whichever is easiest.

There are also a few extra features, such as ‘Live Titles’, the ability to record a video and have the text appear simultaneously on-screen.

Users can also experiment with pinching and dragging the screen to smoothly zoom in or pan.

Or if you want to add personality, simply add an emoji, animated sticker, or full-screen poster to images or video! These apps allow you to have fun while branding yourself on social media.


Just like the previous apps, Canva is designed to make your life easier.

Canva is broken up into 3 jobs: Photo Editing, Color Palette Generator, and Font Combinations.

With the Photo Editing tool, users start by selecting an image.

Canva then provides the editing options of adding a filter, adjusting the brightness, cropping, rotating, or flipping the image. If you’re struggling to come up with an image, Canva offers free stock images.

The Color Palette Generator is the easiest part; all you do is upload an image! Canva then produces a 5-color palette based off the colors in the image, complete with color names and Hex numbers.

This tools helps add consistency in the colors of each of your future designs.Lastly is their Font Combination. Users select a primary font and Canva produces a recommended, design-approved secondary font. Having the right fonts keeps your posts trendy while still following design principles.

These apps make posting on social media easy for any business. Each of these applications are free, so there’s no excuse for not starting! Determine what kind of content would best showcase your business, schedule a posting calendar, and start playing with each app! Find out what works best for you, your phone, and your business.Have any further questions about social media or content?