Essential Videos You Need To Create

Starting a business means starting from scratch. This leaves so much room for potential… and mistakes!

Starting a business means starting from scratch. This leaves so much room for potential… and mistakes!

Creating and sharing the right kind of content will allow your business to have significant reach with your target audience.

On the other hand, bad content or sharing methods means few customers will see it (if any!).

As you lay a foundation for your business’ content creation and marketing, focus your attention on these types of videos:

Personal Story

Start by describing your business’ origin. What got you started? Why are you passionate about the product/service? This will be fairly personal, so don’t be surprised if the video is 10 minutes or longer! Though if you choose to keep it short--say, 3 minutes or shorter-- that works too.


Video ads attract people in a way that banner or pop-up ads don’t.

With modern advertisement abilities, you have the freedom of selecting their target demographic and using the video ad to send potential customers directly to funnels or your site.


Utilize video to show how your business is run!

This is more for the internal team, specifically those being onboarded onto a project or where just hired. While teaching your employees, this video removes you from the day-to-day work, allowing you to focus on big-picture items.


Thanks to Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites, entrepreneurs have the ability to create a video show simply with their phone! While a professional-quality camera is always nice, any kind of recording device will help get you on your way towards reaching a bigger audience!

Instagram Stories

This platform is very specific and has a massive audience. But the best part is that any person can create a video! The easy customizations allows videos to be either candid or professional, depending on your preference.

Live Training

These videos allow you to build a community of like-minded people as you provide a live experience or demonstration of something. Since it’s less professional (in a sense that it’s more relaxed), it’s easier to speak directly with your audience.

Client Follow-Up Videos

Rather than sending out a mass email, take the time to create a small video personally thanking your client for their trust and work.

Course and Product Content

Share your expertise/information you’ve gathered by utilizing one of many sites online.

It is a great way to share tidbits with others in the same area of expertise as you brainstorm and network. Find out more by clicking on the video below!