How To Choose The Best Camera For You

The best camera for your videos and pictures is the camera you have on you!

The best camera for your videos and pictures is the camera you have on you!

It doesn’t matter if you use a cell phone camera or DSLR, because as long as you’re creating content and comfortable with that camera, you’re on the right path. And cameras can be tricky!

They allow you to focus on capturing the moment, which is usually done with your cell phone.

Your cell phone is almost always on your body or a foot away.

It’s a wonderful device that allows us to live stream, connect via Google Hangout or simply record a great piece of audio and visual.

Audio especially is a great thing to focus on, so make sure the microphone on your cell phone isn’t blocked!

The next step up from a cell phone is the webcam. Most computers already have one installed, allowing you to record directly to social media, Quicktime, and other programs.

You can take this a step further by investing in USB attachable cameras and microphones for your computer, if you wish.

Moving on, there is the DSLR. Simply being a camera with a detachable lens, these cameras are a wonderful investment for those who want better quality images and videos.

Research lenses and explore the camera’s internal features for the best look possible!

Lastly, there are bigger and better cameras specifically for videos.

This often provides the best look in the cameras mentioned, though they come with a steep price.

As you look into you budget and expertise, you’ll gravitate towards a camera similar to your comfort level. If you have any questions, watch the video or comment below!