How to Reimagine your Video Marketing Strategy in 2022

Getting a creative clog happens to the best of us and we can all get through it.

Have you been trying to create new and unique content but seem to keep getting stuck? Nothing that you come up with seems to feel right? One major problem that people run into is creative block. This can be extremely true when talking about creating new video content. 

Below I will go over ways to inspire yourself and others to consistently do your best thinking.

Think about your brand

Sometimes one of the best ways to get your feet back on the ground is to think about your brand and who you are trying to reach. Be sure to keep your mind focused on what you would like to achieve. What is the reason you are creating video content in the first place? 

Taking a look at your product or service and thinking about what you are trying to achieve by creating the type of video content that you do helps tremendously. See where the process brings you when you brainstorm ideas about your brand. Taking a step back from the creative elements and getting back to the basics can be the easiest way to get your brain unscrambled. 

Your old content is one of your best friends. Rewatch the content you have created that you are most proud of. Consider why you are proud of this content and what you would do differently. Use these thoughts along with your why for inspiration. If you need more help getting started with your video marketing strategy, check out this article

What your audience is saying

Start engaging with your audience and learn what it is that they want. Do they still want what you had originally thought they wanted? No one can predict the future but you can increase your chances by interacting with your audience. A simple survey or poll is a great way to do this. 

Get your creative juices flowing again by conducting some short interviews. Another great thing to do is to put yourself in the shoes of your audience. Try to think as they do and see what you would want in their situation. 

Rewatching your content is a great way to bring on some new creative ideas but you need to be sure you watch the content from an outside perspective. Looking at your past metrics to see where you went well or didn’t can be largely helpful in deciding which route to go down. Find what resonated most with your audience and create similar content. Not sure how to reach the audience that is right for you? Check out this article to learn more. 

Set your deadline

Often deadlines can put stress on you to get your content done. However, they can also be used as a motivator. The goal of using a deadline as a motivator is to make sure you don’t overthink, go down a rabbit hole, and get overwhelmed. 

The freedom and endless options of content creation can become overwhelming to many people. By setting a deadline and few rules can take this feeling away. No better way to push past your creative clog than to set a viable deadline to feel good about.

Though deadlines might not be for everyone, maybe consider giving it a try before coming to the conclusion that it won’t work for you. Using the inspiration of your old content and your competitors mixed with set limits and a deadline may be the concoction you have been looking for to get through your creative slump.

Research outside ideas

Winning ideas can come from anywhere. If you are struggling for inspiration, take a look at your competitors. What are they doing that is working or not working? Take note of what is working well with their audience. 

Not only can following your competitors give you new creative ideas but they also may be targeting audiences that you haven’t thought to target. Knowing this information can give you new insight into what is working within your industry. Taking into consideration the techniques they are using may be the missing piece to your struggle puzzle. 

Though you should not copy what your competitors are doing, knowing their techniques may push that creative clog out of the way. Adding this knowledge to your back to basics thinking could be the key to bringing forth ideas you may have never considered otherwise. If you still are unsure which videos you should be making, check out this article to learn more.

Move your focus

Have you run into a creative block that you just can’t seem to shake? Take your focus and place it somewhere else for a while. Tackling something else such as admin work can help to set your creativity free again.

One of the best ways to reset your brain is to take a step back, think about something else for a while, and bring your focus back with a fresh set of eyes. Doing this will give you a chance to take a break and unwind, letting your brain relax. Sometimes overthinking and pushing yourself too hard can be the culprit of your blockage growing. 

Also, you can find inspiration anywhere. The idea you’ve been looking for could have been hiding in your piles of paperwork you’ve been putting off this whole time. Many creatives find that as soon as they move their focus, that's where they think of their best ideas. 

Just start filming

We often feel as though failure is something we should stay away from. Because we are afraid of failure we often limit our potential. We stick to methods we know work rather than branching out and trying new ideas.

Instead, look at failure as a way to learn and just go for it. Overthinking can be your worst nightmare, pick up your camera and just start filming. By doing this, you give your creativity a chance to flourish rather than distinguish under fear. 

By just doing something you can spark inspiration and chances are there are elements of your work that you will love. If something did not work, all is not lost, just consider what you would do differently this time. The only way to find out is if you try and just start filming.

Getting a creative clog happens to the best of us and we can all get through it. Don’t let this stop you or put out your creative flame. Follow these ideas above and get back on track.