How to Remember... Everything

As an entrepreneur, your time is precious. And more times than not, it’s filled with too many tasks, activities, and questions… from your family, employees and board. You’re only one person, so how do you accomplish this superhuman feat?Easy. Checklists!It might sound cheesy, maybe even elementary-school-like, but checklists are a great tool to make sure no task is overlooked. When another ‘to-do’ or idea pops up, write it down immediately on a checklist to make sure it’s not forgotten.There are many advantages of using checklists, but the primary advantage is organization. Depending on your style, you may have one long running checklist. Or you could have multiple checklists labeled with their purpose (family, errands, meetings, etc.) Along with your checklist style is the checklist itself. Does writing something down help you remember it more? Devote a section of your white/chalk board to a list or commit to using Post-Its. Need something a little more tech-savvy? There are multiple apps that allow you to write down and check things off a list. Some even come with noise reminders if you’re deadline is approaching! Either way, watch as checklists help you manage all your tasks with grace. Running a business has never been so streamlined!