Is the Customer Always Right?

Oh, customers. What would we do without them?From the first day of your minimum-wage job at the ripe old age of 16 until the day of your retirement party, you’re going to experience working with customers of all ages, personalities, and demands. As an entrepreneur, you’re now the boss. The one responsible for working with customers and making sure everyone leaves happy (or at least satisfied). It’s now your job to set up guidelines on how to work with difficult clients, which customers to work harder with, and which customers to just leave alone. While you ponder this, here’s something worth saying: not every customer is right for you. You’re a smaller business -- and making every customer happy is crucial for your business’ survival and growth -- but you will come across bad customers.Some will demand too much, others are never satisfied, and certain ones are awful communicators and may bottleneck a project. When it gets to be too much (and it will for any business), there come a point when you need to let them go and focus on finding the right customers.And that’s okay!With your team, you need to determine what your breaking point is and what you’re going to work through together. The point of this article isn’t to scare you, it’s to prepare you for this inevitable moment. You’re the boss, now. You need to have a game plan!The StorySelling Academy is a program custom built for entrepreneurs to learn how to grow a team, systems, workflows, and storytelling know-how around becoming a story selling expert through building and executing a custom content plan to grow your ROI and following on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and beyond.This service allows you to launch your story-driven content plan as quickly and effectively as possible. Similar to the Story Maximizer Service we handle the content workflow and strategy from development to distribution but you do the batch filming yourself. This is more hands-on for you and does require more of your precious time. But, it's also for the more budget conscious who just need to launch and begin distribution their story on a massive scale!This is our signature service where our Content Supply team does everything for you to develop, produce, and distribute your story-drive content on a massive scale online. It's hands-off from the beginning as we develop and execute your content strategy. Your time is required for only 3 days every 6 months when we film 6+ months worth of content in-person with you. This service is a la carte based on your specific needs and priorities in your business and workflows.