Marketing With Meaning

Networking isn’t just for learning about potential jobs and problem solving. Rather, it can be used to foster relationships, grow your business and land more clients.And that’s the point, isn’t it?You’ve put in the time to build a business, to be your own boss. Now you network to learn and to search for more clients, to expand your business, to reach more clients, and the cycle goes on and on! Here are the 4 ways everyone can leverage their network to accomplish this goal:

1. Show up

It kind of goes without saying, but you need to show up to everything. Events hosted by local entrepreneurs, networking socials, small get-togethers, etc. You never know when you’ll run into someone that very well may be a potential client, so have your elevator pitch ready and a business card in your hand! Or take it a step further and search for dream clients on LinkedIn. Ask them for advice or to meet up in person. Networking never hurts, but only helps you!

2. Create the Right Content

Make the conscious decision to create targeted content. What we mean is to create content that directly connects you to your dream clients. If you want to work with a more elevated group, your videos, images, designs and written content must also be elevated. Tailor your content to who you are trying to reach and watch as you’ll receive much more attention.

3. Learn

Deepen your relationships (while standing out) by taking the time to learn about your ideal client’s personal story. Piggybacking off of the previous point, learning about their style is one thing. But knowing their struggles and dreams is another. Shape your services to meet their needs and you will have successfully closed the gap between content creation and storytelling.

4. Check-in

Every so often, follow up. But make it natural! The quickest way to lose a connection is to ask “when are you going to hire me?” These people already know what business you’re in and the goods or services you provide. Instead, be a friend. Not a needy potential client. This is applicable to everyone from massive companies to fellow entrepreneurs!For more information and examples of these principles, watch the video below. If you enjoy this content, be sure to share it with entrepreneurial friends and family!