Mistakes You Make in Content Creation

We’re entrepreneurs! Together, we’ve embarked on this great journey to become our own bosses by starting a business. And because we’re starting from the ground up, we need content. A lot of it.Content is key for visibility and driving traffic online. But it takes a while to find the perfect balance of posting, marketing, etc. and in the process, we make a lot of mistakes. First and foremost is the mistake of just… not creating content at all. It may be because you’re an introvert, or that you think you don’t have the right equipment, or you’re too afraid to begin. It’s too easy to listen to these voices holding you back. But you need to fight them and put yourself out there in order for your business to flourish! Here are 3 common mistakes entrepreneurs make:

  1. Trying to do all the jobs ourselves. From brainstorming to developing to marketing--it’s too much!
  2. Trying to save money by completing the day-to-day tasks on top of large projects instead of outsourcing. Focus on your strengths and the growth of your business and let someone else worry about the little things.
  3. Waiting for perfection. We all want our content to be absolutely perfect before sharing it. But guess what? Nothing will ever be perfect. There will always be something to work on or improve, and if you focus all your time on perfection, you’ll never create anything.

For more great tips and detailed information on each point, watch the video below!