When to Take Control and When to Step Aside

It goes without saying that owning a business is no easy task. There are so many things you’re now in charge of-- and responsible for! -- and there’s no way to take control over everything.Many have tried. None have succeeded.That’s why you have employees. A mentor.. A partner! If you were the sole person in charge, the company would never progress because it couldn’t move quickly. With everything flowing through you, or projects coming to a screeching halt without your approval, you would become a bottleneck. It’s also one of the easiest ways to stop creativity from flowing. When everything has to be ‘your way’, no other ideas will be brought to the table.So when do you know when to let go? That’s the trick! Start by looking at your tasks. Arrange them in a list if you have to, from most important to least important. Then make a second list: what you (and only you) can do/approve and what others can take care of themselves. Compare and contrast the two lists. Focus on tasks that are both very important to the company and that only you can do. It’s good to check in on other tasks to see their progress and to see if they follow your vision. But don’t micromanage. You’ll find you (and your employees) will be happier if you take a step back and trust them to use their skills.The StorySelling Academy is a program custom built for entrepreneurs to learn how to grow a team, systems, workflows, and storytelling know-how around becoming a story selling expert through building and executing a custom content plan to grow your ROI and following on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and beyond.This service allows you to launch your story-driven content plan as quickly and effectively as possible. Similar to the Story Maximizer Service we handle the content workflow and strategy from development to distribution but you do the batch filming yourself. This is more hands-on for you and does require more of your precious time. But, it's also for the more budget conscious who just need to launch and begin distribution their story on a massive scale!This is our signature service where our Content Supply team does everything for you to develop, produce, and distribute your story-drive content on a massive scale online. It's hands-off from the beginning as we develop and execute your content strategy. Your time is required for only 3 days every 6 months when we film 6+ months worth of content in-person with you. This service is a la carte based on your specific needs and priorities in your business and workflows.