Your Customer, the Hero

Our customers are our heros. It might sound strange, but think about it. Businesses use storytelling to advertise and to sell. That’s how we communicate and create connections with our customers. But businesses have to be careful; focusing your storytelling on your own brand too often causes you to lose focus on the customer’s journey. Too often, it’s all about us (the brand or business) instead of the audience becoming the face of your brand.And this all goes back to storytelling. These stories aren’t about us- they’re about the audience.We’ve already made this journey. Now, with our knowledge, it’s time to help others. Confused? Think of Star Wars. We- the businesses- are Obi Wan. We’re the gatekeepers, armed with knowledge and the tools to help the “Lukes” along their journey.For a better example, take a look at Content Supply. We supply businesses with the guidance and content to help businesses learn how to create content. Another tool is simply supplying content to free up business owner’s time and to provide peace of mind.Find out more in our video. Click below!