Video Marketing Made Easy

Know Your People (Your Audience) For Your Video Marketing

Dallin Nead and Josh Crandall

In this week's episode we take a deep-dive into the 3 essential building blocks of successful video content — PEOPLE. ​

Your audience should be the primary focus in all your messaging. ​​

People are your ultimate buyers and will determine the success of your business.​ 

What do they want? What are they struggling with? What can you say to help them succeed? 

Discover how to do this and so much more in this week's episode of the Video Marketing Made Easy Podcast.

Most people and brands struggle to get the visibility and attention they need to stand out and grow their business. Often, this makes them feel overwhelmed as they try to do all the things to grow a business that matters while serving their audience with great products and a powerful message. 

It's difficult to be successful with video without a clear plan and knowledge about how video, marketing, and messaging actually works to attract and genuinely sell an audience of buyers. 

Josh Crandall, Dallin Nead, and other guest experts explore many actionable tips, strategies, and behind-the-scenes secrets from their most successful video marketing campaigns inside the Video Supply™ Agency — all to help you grow a brand that people love using the power of video. 

Topics include creativity, messaging, scripting, marketing, gear, film production, editing, and many more stories and strategies in between! 

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hey welcome to video marketing made simple uh where we teach you everything you need to know to grow your business with the power of video uh my name is josh crandall and i've got my guest here today a co-host dallin nead balancing hey what's up what's up everyone how you doing well actually i think we're calling it video marketing made easy yeah there's a typo there um on my that that's all on me but uh but yeah we for those who have listened the first few episodes we call the video supply which is the name of our agency but now we are calling it video marketing made easy because like josh said in the intro it's all about helping you grow your business using the power of video we want to make it easy for you in that process yes definitely and you know we jumped into uh we jumped into an episode or our topic on our episode a couple weeks ago talked about your your people your platform your purpose all in an effort to structure your you know marketing message to to really be effective uh last week we took a deep dive into one of those things and that was the platform uh shared a lot of good stuff there i thought i thought it was a pretty good episode uh we got pretty deep there but uh this time we want to talk about uh the people so so uh we want to talk about your audience today and ask your people who are your people right exactly like who are the people you want to spend time with i i think that's the that's like with any first step early on your business like some people maybe your listener watching this and you're like i'm still trying to navigate like what i want to do in my business maybe i'm pivoting um what direction am i going in and one of the first steps you need to know is like well who are the people i'm actually serving often times the people the who you serve your customers understanding who they are come before you create any products because otherwise if you're creating products for a people you don't really know about or a problem you don't really know that you're trying to solve then there's no reason to do that and the same thing is with your messages inside of your videos and all your video marketing efforts is if you don't know who you're talking to um then your videos won't work they won't actually work to grow your business you won't get the views the engagement that you want and so that's why we are doubling down on making sure that you focus on the people in your messaging definitely and uh and dallin and i we're gonna reference a couple of documents here at least i'm gonna jump back and forth down might have one up his sleeve but i'm going to pull up these references um to use and the references you're talking about real quick too is like we have pdf frameworks that we follow out of our business right like it's uh our first one is called story supplies for messaging then we have a marketing supply guide for our marketing framework and then our um our content guide is called video supply at least for video marketing and so um we have those guides they're free you can download them they're comprehensive but uh but yeah that's what we're referencing because we obviously know this stuff but it's also helpful to reference the language we use inside of our own frameworks as well definitely yes and so and these these uh these resources are tremendous uh i encourage everyone to go to our our website and download them um but let's let's go over to yes yeah go ahead and jump into it all right so yeah let's let's pull this up uh let's talk about um let's talk about your customer right so uh and this is this this is what i'm looking at uh and if you're listening you can download this guide um it's in the story supply guide but there's a little section that talks about your customer and just like we do you know we we follow a process to align your brand story with customers and you need you need to define that um and people people really go to great lengths uh to really define their customer i mean it's easy to say like hey we're a construction company and we're gonna you know sell hard hats right um so it's like well who needs the hard hat and and uh you know what exactly are they gonna be doing you know what type of hard hat maybe that was a that's an interesting example but uh but it totally works exactly yeah so it's like you need to you need to understand you know the nature of of the individual's work that you're going to be marketing to you need to understand that person what their you know what what what are their creature comforts even i mean there's there's so many things that can go into you know defining your your audience and doing that research to to outline you know who they are and how they benefit from your product right well and where if you with this story supply guide reference for messaging um what what you're really seeing if you're watching this or yeah if you're watching this or listening to this um you know we posed a question in kind of this interview experience with your customer where you ask your customer what does our company do and if they're not clear in what you do and how you serve them then there's some fixing that needs going on inside of your messaging so that way they can clearly also talk about what you do as you and your team need to as well um but to kind of give even a bigger like high level view to this importance of understanding your customer is getting clear on your market um but actually if you don't mind josh i want to pull it a little bit broader for sure you dig a dig a little deeper but uh when i say market uh just simply speak to that there's three different levels of your market and looks josh i don't think we have you on video all right here we go see ya um there's three different levels of your market there's the main market which often is themed into health wealth and relationships and so um usually you know you could choose that based on hey is my customer interested in relationships with themselves with the world around them um like environmental changes things like that are they interested in wealth so growing personal or business wealth a lot of business to business is in that wealth market or health right health fitness related related products um and so within that then there's a sub category um and so often times like for example we are in the wealth market and so within the wealth market we serve um helping other businesses make money so like business to business marketing um is kind of that sub market or you can define in other ways and then one other down is like a niche market and that's all about video marketing so we help people market their business with video and so within that then like okay if we're trying to help people market their business with video get them more visible um then it's all about helping them um with uh with three categories within that um and this is where understanding um how to talk about what you do in your business so your customers can also communicate that is important and and that comes into three three of these categories and one to get clear on is the problem that your customer is having if you can narrow down your customers problem to one primary problem and that when they can solve that problem then all other objections or issues are resolved then that's powerful and and so the more you can show that understanding of of their problem that one problem the mo the more they'll see you as one with the solution and so that's why the second part it's important to know is the solution so like what is that clear solution that one solution that you are providing your customers and then the third piece is the payoff so like what is that outcome what is that end result that you create for your customer in that the solution and the payoff are not your products themselves uh your products are just one way that they can achieve that solution but oftentimes like it gets more um it gets a little bit more concrete say than just a product because products can come and go but the experience and the lifestyle change is far more impactful so i guess we can talk about examples specific um to that so that you guys can see like okay what are some optional ways that we can implement this inside of our own business um yeah is that cool i think that's a good idea yeah for sure let's paint a good picture so that uh you know we get a clear understanding what that is because it is it is valuable it is the it is it is really what they need versus just like the immediate you know outcome so yeah expound on that down yeah totally um so yeah recap problem solution payoff uh you learn this in our story supply messaging framework and let's take our business for example so we do a video marketing or video advertising agency um where we offer services to online brands to help them stand out profitably and get the attention and visibility they need to grow their business and oftentimes that in that exists the problem so the problem that most of our clients experience is a visibility and the ability to stand out so many businesses struggle to stand out profitably to grow their business so they feel stuck they feel like they're the best kept secret they may have the best product in the world but no one knows about it and it's because they're not using video of the power of video to actually get that attention and grow their business and so that's why we offer a video marketing framework called video supply to help them stand out profitably and grow their business with video um and uh and often times we can add additional pieces there but like and that exists the problem of visibility and standing out uh and then the solution of a video marketing solution called video supply um and then the payoff comes in the way of like hey you can generate more revenue you can grow your business you can stand up from the competition um have no longer have competition at all eliminate them um and so and and i would even recommend like the outcome can be one clear outcome but oftentimes um it's great to kind of identify three three is like a magic number you'll find we use a lot of threes in our business from we structure our frameworks to how we talk about all other things that we do um yeah i mean that's a quick example but think about it for yourself like what is that one problem what is that one solution what is that one payoff that uh we can claim um that we can accomplish for our customers and we you know we actually do so yeah definitely that's a good framework to follow yeah i think so and uh you know and it's important to have that plan in place to be able to do that and craft that and have that in place before you really start developing your your messaging um you really need to know all this information so that it's effective right and the more clear that you can write it down the clear that you can present it and then the the more that your customer can you know buy in the more that you'll gain their trust by understanding that you know hey this is a very clear clear mission or message or whatever it is that your uh you know your business is um and so um did you know going into defining your your audience let's talk about a little bit about that darling let's um i mean how to to what extent you think we should uh define you know your people your audience um that's the question i guess i can keep talking on that for a little bit but basically um um man who who is the trying to think of the the woman um let me look her up i got my computer i can uh as you look it up i can kind of add a few details to that so right defining your audience more in more detail and you interrupt when you find it oh i got it i'm interrupting right now i'm an interruption yes sorry to continue that train of thought uh there's there's a woman called or her name is jasmine star and she she does this uh she has a lot of good um information out there and my wife's a big photographer and i think jasmine starr i think she's a she's into photography is what her yeah and now she's like a creative business coach oh yeah and yeah she's her stuff is tremendous like i've uh i've watched a little bit of of the uh the online training that uh she's got that my wife has been been watching um and she takes uh i i think for about a good 15 minutes is is all that i was able to watch um of it but but they were talking about defining your audience and who is your customer right and they even we're down to like all right we're going to create a person you know this person's name is you know sarah and sarah likes to you know she likes to go to a coffee shop she likes to get her cup of coffee or donuts or something like that and she likes to you know do do all this and stuff and they basically create a person and that person is their their ideal audience they get so far down as you know like what does this person eat what do they do you know what what's their job how many people are in their family do they have pets like they they really define the customer so that they know what things that they can do you know down to the visual you know or the colors on the website like what's gonna what's gonna connect with these audience members that's gonna really help to to to sell them on you know what it is that you've got going on and so i just i just found that incredible that um you know you can go to such a great length to do that and and it will just be effective i think oh totally it's powerful and and we do a form of that um inside of the the in-depth coaching we do with our messaging um where it's sometimes people call like a client avatar but that sounds like a video game like all right guitar you know but but i like to call like a customer profile or like if you think about it in the terms of a story right with your customer being the hero of the story that you're telling in your business um it's understanding them as a character as a hero in that story and so giving them a name giving them like understanding what they want to achieve how they spend their time like josh described going to a coffee shop like you know what kind of coffee do they like or like what kind of food do they like how do they like to spend their leisure time the more intimately you can understand your customer the more better you can develop more better is that is that a phrase the the more better you can't do a relationship with them um and actually in one way i love to look at it and i was actually on a call yesterday in a mastermind group talking about this is this idea that our customers um whether you are a coach a non-profit whatever it may be like whoever you're looking to attract um oftentimes you need to promise them um an experience a transformation like any hero would go go on in the ultimate hero's journey um oftentimes people start in a struggling experience they have a flaw they have a problem going on that needs to be resolved um and to the extreme like i would contrast your hero to the villain thinking that like not that they're evil or bad by any means but they are kind of in a villain state meaning like hey they have so they have flaws that they need to be resolved so like how can you tran transform your customer or this hero from the villain to the hero um and so oftentimes that looks like removing false beliefs miss they have um objections and helping them uh have a new perspective towards their life or towards like what product or service can help them in their business whatever industry or market you may be in um and so that's like yeah it's that transformation from where they currently are to where they need to be um and that often happens best with understanding and actually writing out this description of your customers because they at the at the end of it all like the more you can communicate and know your customers the better you can serve them because if you don't then your business will will fail marketing will fall flat things won't work um and so customers are as you know hopefully it goes without saying but they are the lifeblood of a business's success the ability to grow your business definitely and dalan i think you said it last in our last podcast you're talking about how you know if you're not being successful in your business it's it's it's definitely going to be one of these three things it's going to be your people your platform or your purpose is not well defined um and yeah i agree like that that character development in the story is is you know at least for me if i'm watching you know a movie or a tv series mainly a tv series man if i'm gonna stay connected to a tv series it better have some character development because it'll be completely unexciting to me but but that character development you know is is uh is key there uh and really what you know what we do and we're working with our clients is we bring them through that journey we help them craft their message we say all right what's your what's your customer's problem what what are the problems they face that they need to overcome um and so and a lot of times you'll notice this if you're if you're watching an advertisement a lot of times they'll find something that connects to their viewer connects to you uh a problem that they have and then they'll agitate it a little bit right um so let's say all right you know i guess i'm trying to think of a good example i can't think of one well my mind went too like as gruesome may sound like kind of a torture scene or interrogations it's like well like in the way right like you pair with like soft questions and like okay okay like i'm not gonna give you anything but then you you like they literally start to like agitate the situation by pulling out like you know weapons or like other like you know it's it's drastic and we see that often a lot in tv shows and like war films or whatever but that's kind of what it is emotionally like if you know eventually they spill the beans you know if they get tortured enough for the most part um that's a gruesome example but like think about it when you can talk to your customers not that you need to interrogate them or put them through torture um because that's too extreme but you need to be able to talk about their problems in a way that gets them to connect but also emotionally feel like oh my gosh if i don't resolve this pain i'm experiencing then yeah like my life will be you know painful and like uh there'll be a cost if i don't take action no that's that's an important piece do an extreme example for sure but a fun example we keep it interesting here um yeah yeah so uh you know and then you know and then to be able to to then you know so you're identifying that problem they have you kind of agitate it you get them to to you know give in a little bit but then um but really then you can give them the solution right so if you really your audience will really know that you understand them and can help them uh to fit to solve their problems um when you can then present the solutions right you can frame that up like don was saying um you know what what is the solution that you offer plus the added benefit right and and that's what we were talking about before with you know what's what's the real result we're looking for what's that what's that overtone there and so um so yeah like it can come down i mean you you watch those uh what are those ads that they play late at night oh man infomercials that's the best yeah so they you know they'll find a problem they'll they'll define it very well with with comedic you know seemingly comedic uh filming it's usually black and white and they bring you back to color and they say all right here's the solution this is the shamwow or whatever it is it's like but wait there's more if you buy one now you get three and then if you if you buy now you know it's at a discount so um so you keep throwing things on there you know there's more there's more there's more but you can basically say like hey you know we understand you like here's the solution that we have to offer you um but but bonus points if you can define that you know it just gives you back your time this gives you you know more freedom this this gives you uh you know you'll make more money faster whatever it is is that that overtone of of that solution that you offer uh you know all comes down to really defining your audience and and and who that is so you can craft your message to them so totally no i i love that so much you know and one thing i was thinking about as you're talking about that josh is the power it can be through the sales the marketing and sales process too of understanding your customer like one thing that it definitely what to be honest it wasn't in place when we first started uh this video advertising agency like video supply but uh but when we get someone on a sales call and what our sales team sales team does is um we don't talk really anything about video which is one of the main tools we use um to help them grow their business but we simply just get to know them and be like okay why are you here and what is it that you're trying to accomplish like what are your goals over the coming months um because when people we can get people to talk about them you know which is what we all want to do at the end of the day we love talking about ourselves and what we want uh we're very selfish beings which is not always a bad thing um and we need to recognize that our customers want to feel heard and understood and so the more we can show that empathy through the sales and enrollment process the more power we have to make the cell and to help serve them and so we do that and um the first call is like what are your goals what are you looking to accomplish like what does success look like for you over the coming months um and then in doing that you figure out like if they're a good fit like can you actually help them resolve those pains and you know achieve those goals because in getting defining what those goals are and that vision is then what you can break down is okay like in order to get there you're gonna have to get the this kind of performance with your marketing your content uh you have to reach these kind of numbers with video views or this amount of leads um this amount of traffic to your sales page it's amount of sales you know breaking down those numbers and in doing that then you can apply more of the data and the science behind um how to help them achieve those goals and what they want right it's all about what they want um they don't care about all the fancy systems and like the artistry behind uh what may be inside of your service or your product and then we just simply say okay like i think we are a good fit to work together and here's what it looks like to work with us uh our framework is like we hope you achieve your goals over the next three plus months by using the video supply framework to help you build a video plan produce the videos you need to get the attention and visibility uh to grow your business and then we help promote that content uh to get the results that you want and then we repeat that process and videos have the biggest power of all content to uh connect and convert people and as long as you are understanding your customers through the process and and addressing what they want addressing what's stopping them from getting what they want and then helping them to find a solution hopefully through your product or service then um your business will be better for it and their business or their life will be better for it definitely um well i think i think i want to jump to this uh document here just to pull out a talking point maybe we'll address that really quick so i'm gonna jump over to our uh video supply scripts document and um let's pull that up if you're watching you'll be able to see this but um yeah so we're looking at video supply scripts and again you can go to our website and download this but you come down here to part two people uh you know it talks a bit about what we just talked about um this is an interesting one here and i kind of want to talk about an example so this says at the bottom don't include everyone know who you're talking to and use their name and language to make the messaging about them so what happens if you are trying to reach a broad audience you know how do you approach that um i guess that'll be the question that to pose so um so when it comes to uh i used to work for full-time for a not-for-profit uh not-for-profit agency agency not-for-profit company it was underwriters laboratories firefighter safety research institute and we wanted us to create a new um basically fire safety campaign and it was called close before you doze and we wanted to create an ad ad that would really you know resonate with a lot of people and it was a lot of different types of people and so i mean you know looking at it this way it wasn't really a product that we offered it wasn't a service that we offered but it was more a um a public safety announcement really um and so we needed to make an approach to reach many people so that was one of the considerations in the development of this video that actually ended up going viral uh you know all over facebook all over youtube it was created a big created created some noise out there on the on the internet um but basically what we did was we said okay well how can we how can we approach multiple audiences at one so that somebody can really click with somebody right and i think sometimes you know and relating that to how we were talking about um you know watching a a tv series or netflix series you know as you're as you're watching a lot of times you are you are invested in a story because you connect with one of the characters right and so a lot of times that's what you know and what we're talking about here is is defining the audience so that the audience member connects with them and so we wanted to know how do we connect with so many people and so we decided to go with uh i guess i guess i'll use focus group for lack of a better word but we basically gathered a number of people that we then interviewed and then took them out and put them in front of a building and we set the building on fire and we had them watch and see what happened and and you know and and watch what happened to this building uh in an effort to prove that hey closing your bedroom door at night before you go to bed it's going to stop you know the bad smoke and the heat and fire from getting in and uh and you know and being lethal and so we we fixed that approach by uh you know gathering all sorts of people uh we found you know a mom who was you know a mom whose kids were all out of the house and growing up a mom who was you know she had kids in her house currently you know we had a couple dads in there we had a business guy we had you know we had a variety of different individuals that um you know as they were interviewed and then and then as they were observing this this uh fire scene this this building on fire um it really i i think it really allowed people to connect to them and they were saying things that you know were very you know you could really connect with if you were a mom who took care of kids all day at home or um you know or a dad and things like that so so it even works to define that that audience if you are not creating a you know if you're not a service-based business if you're not a um if you're not a product based business but if it's just your message like you really can be effective in your approach if you are able to define your audience so just wanted to share that little bit yeah and that's a great example i love that story because it is that clarity on the people of who you serve and why uh it's so important um you know it goes back to again this high level around hey if you are not addressing the purpose people or platform inside of your video marketing efforts then your videos won't work they'll fall flat and you'll lose money you'll lose time through the process and so the more clear you can get on what purpose and people and platform does this specific video or video campaign serve um yeah the more clearly you can answer that the better your videos perform and that's our ultimate goal here at video supply uh is to help you build out campaigns uh for your marketing efforts for visibility for standing out and do so in a way that helps you really uh connect to your greater purpose your vision for your business and then invite your customers your people right into that shared purpose so that way you can both grow together and they can be passionate your brand as much as you are about it as well and so you can go to schedule a call with our team and we'll figure out for a good fit to work together and figure out how we can build out your own video supply inside of your business to help it grow so again that's at yeah it doesn't hurt to book a call and talk to us uh we've also got you know all sorts of resources that you can you know again go there and download and utilize uh and uh you know really we can we can help you to really reach your audience and help you define you know who they are you know your marketing your messaging and your medium to be able to help grow your business and uh maximize brand effectiveness so totally totally okay thanks for joining today of course thanks for having me on yeah um yeah so make sure you guys join us next week uh for our next podcast we do this every week jump on here live and uh and learn how you can better use video to maximize your message so thanks nylon appreciate it we'll see



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