Video Marketing Made Easy

Know Your Purpose for Video Marketing

Josh Crandall and Dallin Nead

In this week's episode we take a deep-dive into one of the 3 essential building blocks of successful video content — PURPOSE.

Defining your purpose for each video to fit your brand and video marketing messaging and strategy is essential to successful video marketing content.

Don’t overwhelm your audience with more than one purpose (or topic) per video, especially for awareness on social media.

And make sure you’re clear on your message so you can know how to talk about what you do and why in a simple yet powerful way.Most people and brands struggle to get the visibility and attention they need to stand out and grow their business.

Often, this makes them feel overwhelmed as they try to do all the things to grow a business that matters while serving their audience with great products and a powerful message.

It's difficult to be successful with video without a clear plan and knowledge about how video, marketing, and messaging actually works to attract and genuinely sell an audience of buyers.

Josh Crandall, Dallin Nead, and other guest experts explore many actionable tips, strategies, and behind-the-scenes secrets from their most successful video marketing campaigns inside the Video Supply™ Agency — all to help you grow a brand that people love using the power of video.

Topics include creativity, messaging, scripting, marketing, gear, film production, editing, and many more stories and strategies in between!

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hey welcome to the uh welcome to our video marketing made easy podcast where we believe that video is the most powerful way that you can monetize your message stand out in the market and grow your business i'm josh crandall and i'm uh i'm joined today by dallin need say hello dallin hello hello everyone welcome so uh this is our video podcast which uh you know you can watch on youtube um or you can of course download a podcast listen to it uh we're trying to juggle out i juggle the uh the difference there and uh figure out how we can talk to you guys and look at things at the same time so anyway yeah in this podcast uh we talk about practical strategies to help grow your business uh with video so if you struggle with growing your audience and getting the word out about your product or service uh we're here to help uh and our podcast is really gonna help you uh take action and and know what to do in order to uh to plan for you know epic success which is uh what we're gonna be talking about today actually so a few weeks ago uh in episode four actually so we talked about defining your three p's so you've got your people or your audience uh identifying your platform uh basically where your content is headed or where it's gonna be hosted and then we're gonna talk about uh purpose today so you know our we've we've taken uh our last couple episodes and taking a deeper dive into those and and um really i think i think of a pretty good podcast they've really uh helped to to describe and define you know those things a bit better um and then uh today we're talking about purpose so uh i will actually be referencing a couple of guides um that you know are available on those guides are the video supply scripts and the video supply guide and of course you can download those for free on it can really help you achieve clear results and success uh it makes you're headed in the right direction to uh you know with your video marketing so so really into finding your purpose um as with anything that you do in your business or you know video production you really need to start with defining a clear goal um you know and you can you can liken that to a lot of things in your life um i know for myself like i do like to do some target shooting every now and then um and before you you know before you uh send a round down the range you want to make sure that you are defining your target right you want to know what the goal is and um and if you fire a shot before you line up the sights you know you cannot change really where that you know whatever whether it's your arrow or or bullet wherever that trajectory is headed um you know it's already there so it's the same thing with video like you really need to take the time to define your purpose before you you know send it out there because you want to make sure that it hit you know hits the bullseye and it lands and it and it makes sense and it really you know helps to achieve your goal so um so yes real quick real quick i gotta get my my tongue loose for today yeah uh to add to that you know it's this whole idea of purpose too goes back to what um i i think i keep revisiting the message of is when you don't have clarity on your purpose people and platform in your videos then your videos will not work uh because if people don't know that the videos for them a certain type of people whether it's stay-at-home moms or maybe it is ceos of fortune 500 companies you know like understanding who you're speaking to what their pain points are um but what do you want them to do as a result of the video um some you know and videos come in many forms there's micro videos that happen like on instagram stories there's long-form videos like this one where our purpose is not only to help you learn about and how to implement purpose inside of your videos attention but also simply learn more about how to take action with video in your business by going to like our purpose is all guiding you to and get those amazing resources over there um and uh and so yeah like summing up your messages with some form of a call to action it doesn't always have to be super direct like going to a website but it can be something like hey i'm going to invite you to think this way i'm going to invite you to engage with this video by commenting down below though but knowing what you want someone to do uh what you want someone to feel and and really how you want them to think is an important thing to consider as you go to plan out but then simply create videos definitely yeah for sure and you know as you're as you're thinking down the avenue while you're planning your purpose um really it's like like down down was saying it's what's the desired outcome there um and really i mean videos are made for so many different purposes i mean you talk about uh educating people uh with perhaps a documentary a historical documentary or something maybe it's changing someone's mind you know like uh um i'm sure there are other documentaries out there that are geared towards you know shedding light on some information uh so maybe their goal is to help change your mind um is it to just inspire entertain uh you know like us we're trying to generate traffic to video supply like donald's saying um or is it to buy a product right so you know we're bombarded with advertising you know anytime you open your phone anytime you step on the the internet or or watch tv there's there's advertising and it's all in an effort to to gear someone towards a specific goal so having that purpose clearly defined can really help you be successful so let's jump over to the um i want to jump over to our video supply script guide again this is available for free to download on uh on video supply dot com and in this guide uh you can just jump right down here to this point here i just wanted to talk about down maybe you can uh shed a little light on here too but um it's important also to not overwhelm your audience with more than one purpose with your video um so so much easier said than done though for sure because even the example i said was like you want them to get you in common like you we list all these examples but yeah like if someone's overwhelmed they're not going to take action because they're not going to know which action they should take or it's gonna you're listing them uh it's gonna go yeah it's gonna go over their head so don't overwhelm them with too many purposes or too many call to actions definitely and and you know some of my beginning jobs i think as a video creator i think i had a hard time with that i think we wanted to to bundle a whole lot of things for someone to to do or take action on uh because you want to i was thinking maybe i'll just maximize this video and say all right you need to do this and this and this and this and i think you know looking back on it now uh might have been really overwhelming uh for viewers um and when you when you don't have a clear purpose uh i think you lose engagement um i think it's it's hard to keep your attention span through through stuff like that so well and it can be as simple as like what do i want you know like before you create a video even if it's something as simple as like a quick instagram story or a facebook live or something like that some form of video just simply ask yourself what do i want people to do like you know why am i creating this video it can be you know in some ways it's to narrow down on like um the purpose of like what is the benefit to me but most importantly what is the benefit to my audience uh why would they care to actually watch this um you don't have to get super meta and like like super introspective with how how deep of a purpose many most your videos should have um you know i think you can get more thorough depending on the type of video you know whether it's something from your phone or maybe it's a big production where you're making a big documentary or a big film that is driving a certain agenda um out of good intentions right but uh yeah i know i think it all goes back to some question of like why should someone care why should they watch this definitely and uh yeah that that's that's a pearl of wisdom right there for sure and um and and you know lower in there it talks about how um if you are clear on your message uh you can know how to talk about things uh and you can do it in a powerful way uh which which kind of brings me to the the next point i want to talk about dylan and wanted to round up your uh up i wanted to bring in your expertise yep and your knowledge here um but talking mainly about um you know you know aligning your purpose with your brand's mission um why why do you think it's important uh as you are you know defining really who you are and what your brand message is uh how does that align with purpose within the realm of video marketing yeah that's such a great question you know what we take people through with video supply before we even create a video is you want to make sure the video actually is impactful and the only way it is truly impactful to make you money but to serve your audience is aligning each of your videos and messages with your bigger vision and mission um because every decision you should make in your marketing efforts uh the products you create should be themed and inspired by the mission you are are building and helping people do um and when you're clear on that mission um that vision you have for the future of your business and for your audience then you can invite people into that shared purpose with you with the words you use um and you know it's like at the end of the day you know think of brands of all sizes like something like apple where they invite you to think different um you know that is a part of their vision is like hey we are modern we're cutting edge we're helping you think different then their products are created with that kind of core message in mind themed that way and so getting clear on that first will help you or confidently create videos for your business whether those videos are an ad a youtube video on your website maybe educating people about your product it doesn't matter and the powerful thing about that too it's not just the words you use but it's the visuals you use as well it may guide the change of like do i want a more gritty dramatic look do i want something more bright and inviting um what kind of colors do i use what kinds of animations um do i make the call to action really heavy-handed if my audience is you know ready for that or do i make it more subtle and so the purpose behind your videos should all be inspired by the vision you have for the future of your brand and with that obviously your customers as well definitely definitely it's a it's a very powerful thing when you can you know put that puzzle together of you know all of your graphic design or your website you know if all that can align with your your videos and it can be very cohesive i think that really helps to amplify your brand message and you can really uh you can really make it as impactful as possible so yeah can i add actually something else to that too yeah um this idea that um having having the mission behind your business uh you may not have that from day one and that's okay but to develop that will just give you more confidence in your marketing but everything um works together um you know market or like video video marketing is one piece of like josh used the bigger puzzle of your business and building your brand um but we truly believe that better videos equal better marketing equal better business and that videos truly are at the core of getting yourself more visible helping you stand out helping you become unforgettable to your audience um because if you remove the video element and remove that the purpose and that attention inviting people into a mission that they can believe in as much as you um then you you like if you remove that element then you're forgettable your brand will fade away it's like if you imagine oprah never did her tv show that involved video and many of her other pieces of content throughout the lifestyle lifespan of her business you know will she be remembered have the legacy that she's built i don't believe in the same way you know video was her way of getting her message out there and inviting people into the purpose and mission she had um and so yeah align each of your videos to your your bigger mission and purpose and it becomes a lot more easier to talk you know about that um and talk about everything that you do with with that clarity yeah definitely for sure and you know and you know there's so much power in video i mean this is a this is a video marketing podcast so you know we really emphasize video but uh you know video can be repurposed in so many ways like right now i mean we're filming a video podcast um mainly geared towards it being a podcast however you know you someone go on youtube and watch it on a different platform you know which is we talk about uh defining your platform as well and how that's so important but being able to diversify your content too you know with a with that clear purpose you can you can plan for things to land on different platforms and be you know just as effective you just got to plan towards that so defining the purpose for you know each platform really can help you you know land your uh your content or your medium on the correct platform um and uh speaking of platform uh i mean you're just inspiring all sorts of ideas um i'll go on another quick soap box but but think of like because video is an essential tool in your marketing toolkit right and you think of like if you work at a shop or something i'm not much of a handyman my wife will tell you that but um with video being essential in your marketing uh what else is essential your marketing you need a place that you host your products and services online so that looks like a website having your own platform um there and so on your website uh think about that in uh as as we talk about videos as well because like i think there's a way to bridge what we talk about you know in video marketing to other types of marketing materials so like your website one page should not have 20 call to actions because you'll overwhelm them and confuse your customers who are trying to learn about what you do in a clear way so they know how to take action and how it will benefit them um and so the same way you would approach a website strategy to simply guide your customers to success is the same way you'll approach your video strategy is like how can i use words to communicate something so simply yet powerfully that invites my customers into a story about them the website will guide them through you know different steps to be like hey is this for me is it not the video should do the same way but you should uh you know treat it that path that the same way for your customers is like what's in it for me because your customers um as they should be are selfish people you know like just say it's not a bad thing but it's true like we are selfish beings and so we we see things as like what's in it for me and so um thinking that way and thinking with our customers um like with a you know customer's perspective in mind we can uh treat our videos as we do other types of marketing materials uh to invite them to story and guide them to success so just wanted to add that like there's a bridge bridging things to other types of marketing um because it it relates it all relates yeah you know and it kind of goes back to that uh if it can all relate to each other then uh you're it's just going to amplify that that message that you have uh in in your your brand and your purpose um so so in the uh you know and in talking about preparation and defining that purpose uh i'll jump back to the scripts here uh if you're watching i mean if you're listening or jumping back to that that document but um but we really this is such a powerful powerful guide you know again this is the video supply scripts guide because down here under defining your uh purpose your people your platform we we give you a really good checklist to to go through and really help you with you know preparing your video um and uh darling tell me a little bit about how uh i mean you're the mastermind behind this document how did this uh how did this checklist kind of come together and and why is it important or or valuable for somebody to to go through this checklist uh while they're in their their video planning or video scripting process yeah you know it was inspired out of this idea can you hear me yeah good okay yeah no it really uh creating these documents because videos subs video scripts video spy scripts is is built out of this uh need to build up frameworks and like a simple process to follow and a plan to implement and so a checklist like this i literally call it your official video planning checklist because when you can know and confidently check off each of these items from like some of them are people purpose platform budget equipment location script hook headline call to action and there's a few more we've got authenticity storyboards shot lists pattern interrupts seo optimize length uh considering those those pieces are a like a recipe to successful video um if you can complete each each and every one of those like often times like yeah videos that are unscripted kind of like what we're doing here on this podcast um can be powerful and deliver a great message that inspires people gets them to act which is definitely what you want your videos to do um but yeah like it's it's important to lead with intention and be uh super purposeful when you go to create videos and so this checklist um is to give you a simple path to know hey am i doing videos right um granted you don't have to have every single one of these checked off for every single type of video you're going to create this is with the marketing videos in mind meaning like how am i attracting my ideal customer to want to learn more and buy one of my products and services eventually and so yeah getting clear on these will help your approach to your film production to your your even your post production and more confidence through that process and so yeah like reference it every time you go to plan on a video particularly videos that um our video sells messages are ad videos um and uh and even videos that help educa educate people about your product um it can live on youtube it can live inside of an online program um it can be embedded on your website whatever it may be it's important to build every single video with purpose yes definitely and uh and you know that checklist is is fantastic i mean it's a big checklist i'm glad you read it because i sometimes forget we're doing a podcast here but uh we're showing it you can check this out on youtube if you're listening um but but yeah like obviously it's josh has mentioned it go to and you can check out the resources and we make it available download there for free um and i wanted and you know like i wanted to make it comprehensive like we talk about doing things simply um and it's a simple checklist to know okay this is what this means is what this means but uh oftentimes you need um certain things come more comprehensive to know that you're doing everything right um it's not as simple as you know talking about what you do you know like and then this this goes back just for a quick tangent on the whole idea of a powerful message is giving you the words to know how how to talk about what your company does um and a lot of times people lose out on the opportunity to invite people into a store worry about them when they get to talking about themselves so like if we if we were to like go meet someone at a networking event or a virtual event right um and people were like so what do you do and we're like hey we're a video agency like that's not sexy or attractive you know um you know we were we got lost in the sea of noise and um and competition so to speak that does exist when we just brown or brand ourselves in in that way it's it's far too simple and far too boring um and so brand messaging that we do through story supply or messaging framework allows you to confidently know how to talk about what you do that helps you stand out and get the attention of your perfect customer and in doing that then you can more confidently approach building out your video marketing scripts and uh going back to that whole idea of purpose is knowing that each video serves a purpose um and aligns ultimately to your brand vision yeah definitely and uh and you know that's uh you know ultimately coming back to that to that purpose of your of your video that you're putting out there you know making sure that it lands um this uh this guide really can can help you uh define all of that um there's a lot of there's a lot of i mean it's a big checklist there can help you really craft your message um but uh really you know our our efforts are to help you really stand out as a brand and uh and to uh you know be successful in in utilizing things like uh our video supply guides uh and scripts guides uh can really help you to um clearly define your purpose as your uh as you're venturing into your own video so i mean we're we're a video uh advertising agency we can help people you know craft their video messages uh but really this is a guide that can help you really kick things off uh and really take the reins uh by yourself and plan out your own video spy guys and i think it's very uh it's it's very powerful it's very um and what's the like you said it's a it's a very powerful tool and toolkit to to use when you're planning your videos so um cool well that might wrap things up i don't have anything else to say about defining your purpose other than uh well i mean we could we could talk about it all day like seriously but you know think of like just for for you to take action listening or watching this uh again go to video supply dot com video supply dot com you gotta speak slower um you download that resource and to learn more about how you can grow your business using the power of video um everyone has a vision and a mission that that is inside them and sometimes they don't know how to communicate that in a way that gets people excited and engaged about that and so our our mission we're on a mission to help people cut through the noise to stand out profitably and grow their business using the power of video and we believe video supply is the solution to do that so go to video supply dot com and uh thanks for watching and listen see you uh on the next episode yeah thank you guys it's a good ride thanks down for joining me and uh again we do this we do this weekly so uh be sure to chime in next week uh wednesday and uh hope to see you there thanks alan



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