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Samantha Lee Wright

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Samantha Lee Wright

Samantha Lee Wright is not only a master of her platform but a passionate teacher of the podcasting medium itself; leading the next generation of podcasters into the future with clarity and confidence.

She mentors new podcasters on their journey with her no-holds-barred online course, Pineapple Podcast Academy –– the online training program which has helped dozens of new creators start and grow their podcasts from scratch.

She believes the world needs great people making great podcasts and big things can happen from the smallest of microphones. With a bootstrapper's approach to business, she fosters creativity, strategy, and accountability in her students in order to help them achieve success in the podcasting arena.

She's the author of Pineapple Podcasting: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Creating, Launching, and Monetizing a Podcast, with Zero Experience and a Shoestring Budget.

She's part hippie, part tech geek, and has an unabashed love for all things karaoke. She is a teacher, speaker, writer, podcaster, wife, and mother of two living in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina.



Dallin Nead

Dallin believes in putting family and God first.

He's the Chief Vision Officer of Content Supply, Advisor to multiple startups, serial entrepreneur and an award-winning producer.

He helps brands create authentic, results-driven media so they can share their message and vision with the world.

He helps brands clarify, create, and communicate their vision for a happier, more meaningful life, business, and community.

He consults with small and large companies including Princess Cruises, U.S. Marine Corp, Teachable and many others.


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