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Notes from this episode:

  • [01:35] Build an inspired business
  • [02:12] Keri Murphy story 
  • [09:23] How video can be used in a timeless way
  • [14:20] Niching down - Keri Murphy experience 
  • [15:27] Connect your business to your face - people by from people
  • [20:12] Knowing what you want

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Today's Guest

Keri Murphy

Keri Murphy is the CEO and founder of Inspired Living, Keri Murphy is committed to empowering people all over the world to “Dream it. Live it. BE it!”

This international speaker, video marketing expert, and business mentor honed her expertise in the entrepreneurial field for more than 22 years and on-camera for over 3 decades. Her company specializes in teaching entrepreneurs how to stand out online, authentically show up on-camera and become an industry leader in their space.

A veteran of television with appearances on MTV, E!, FOX and NBC (to name a few), Keri brings her hard-worn entrepreneurial knowledge and on-camera expertise to her clients through public speaking, coaching programs, and her Inspired Living TV web series and podcast, helping entrepreneurs stay inspired and enlightened on what it takes to build a 7- figure brand.

She was chosen to be a mentor for the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurs and has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs from around the world share their message, use video powerfully, and create an influential brand.

Keri’s signature “IT Factor” training is the most sought out on-camera training for entrepreneurs in the US and had been featured on CNN, ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and many more. She’s a warm, honest, funny, and captivating teacher who can spot and cultivate the “IT Factor” in her clients and students—and help them shine on-stage, on-camera, and in their lives and businesses.


Welcome to visionaries where we explore stories, strategies and insights from the world's most inspiring entrepreneurs, brands and creators. Were on a mission to help visionaries like you stand out and monetize their knowledge, influence and message online. Explore your topics like business, marketing, creativity, and personal development. Let's build your vision for a happier more meaningful life, business and community together. Keri Murphy is the CEO and founder of inspired living a multi seven figure online business committed to empowering people all over the world to dream it, live it and be it. Carrie is an international speaker, a video marketing expert and business mentor honing her experience in the entrepreneur field for more than 22 years, and on camera for over three decades. Her company specializes in teaching entrepreneurs how to stand out online and become an industry leader in their space a veteran of television and appearances across MTV, e Fox, NBC just to name a few. She brings her heart worn entrepreneur knowledge and on camera experience to her clients through public speaking, coaching programs and her inspired living TV web series, and podcast among many other outlets. So as you join us for this episode today, where we break down what it looks like to build an inspired business, make sure to share it on the socials. Let us know that you're listening by tagging us both inspired living TV and Dallin need and content supply across the socials. Okay, so now let's get into the visionary interview with Carrie Murphy.

Carrie, it's so good to have you on the show. I am so happy to be here. I love what you're doing and really grateful to have an opportunity to share. Yeah, definitely. Well, for those who are like, inspired living Carrie, you know what, what is she up to? Who is she give some quick rundown. Oh my gosh, okay, so I am a serial entrepreneur, I started my first business in my early 20s. It was interior design, I love creating beautiful things. But I also love really helping people see what they're capable of. So my background in video and on camera started around the age of 11. I grew up in the 80s. So I really wanted to be a supermodel or Mary Hart, like those were the two options. And I begged my mom for years to put me in some modeling and acting classes. And she put me in at the most awkward time possible like adolescence 11. But I will say it gave me some confidence that was needed at the time. And honestly now inspired living came to be after losing my talent agency in 2008. When that recession hit, and really trying to figure out who Carrie was going to be when she grew up. I have always been the girl who helps other people see what's possible for them. Like I remember, as a little girl, I would find the quietest guy in the room, and befriend him and try to give them confidence and get themselves out that so I really love helping people see, like, what their message can do. What they can do, really discovering talent is is my gift. And I do that through inspired living. And it's a multi seven figure business that teaches entrepreneurs around the world, how to clarify their message, how to get over their fear of showing up and being visible, and really make the impact that they feel called to make on the planet. Like I don't work with people that just want to sell widgets like we work with people that are really visionaries that carry a message that they're very passionate about sharing that want to make the world a better place, hence inspired living, and we give them the conduit to do it. Right. We give them the platform, the confidence and the conversion strategy behind video.

I love it. I love it, you know and it's and that's why I feel like you're definitely speaking my language that I was like, reached out to Carrie I love what she's doing that inspired living because a big part to me in what you just spoke to is this idea that a lot of us as entrepreneurs feel like there is something bigger beyond ourselves that we feel called to build and a message we could feel called to share and the best way you know until augmented and holographic realities you know become possible that video is the best type of content to use for people to see and to hear your message. And if you're not using video you are literally invisible to an audience who needs you. Yes, not only are you invisible, but you're an I've never done anything in my life for money never like I have to be passionate about it. And it really is one of the reasons why I named the company inspired living because I come off a year of teaching NLP He and quantum physics and platform and presentation skills in Hong Kong. And when I learned the power of our brain, and really what we're capable of as human beings, like, it really is amazing. I'm fascinated by it. And yet, I'm also frustrated by the lack of people that reached the level of potential they want, or they can based on human conditioning, fear, belief systems, all of those things. So, video is such a powerful tool. And yet, if you're not using it, not only are you invisible, but you're not monetizing your gifts, and how in the world can we can? How can we contribute to society? Make it a better place, when we're broke? We can't, you know, so, to me inspired living is about like doing what you love, but also reciprocity, like, earn a great living, and then put it back into communities and causes that matter to you. Yeah, definitely.

How would you describe your vision with inspired living and what you're building currently with this amazing business? Yeah, it's so funny that you asked me that, because all I can hear is the Walt Disney quote that says it's bright, and it's sparkly, and it's out there, you know, it's, I've never had, like a five year business plan. You know, we project about a year or two ahead. You know, global domination know, what I really see is World cheese, right world peace. My Miss America days, really helping helping as many people as humanly possible. Well, I'm alive and hopefully well beyond, you know, I hope to create a self led company that is so much bigger than me. And that gives other people the megaphone, and the visibility that they need, to really make the impact that they're here to make. And it all sounds so cliche, like, I hear myself talking, and I'm like, Oh, my gosh, Carrie, like, you're just a walking quote. But I feel so passionately about helping people get their message out there. Each and every one of us have such an amazing story. And if you're an entrepreneur, it is your story that sells not your product or service. So if you're not selling your story, if you're not being the guide, not the hero in your own journey, helping other people see what's possible in their life, you're missing out on the whole point of doing what you're doing, and really the impact that you are able to make, and other people's lives.

And you know what, it starts with one, that's what I want to also go back to is that, although my vision for this company is beauty brand, and clothing, and products, and serving millions of people, like it's really big, I just have to remember each and every day to go out there and help one person, you know, get get my message in front of one new person. Because when you think about the vision, whether you're a new entrepreneur, you're seasoned, it can feel like you're literally carrying a boulder up a hill. So it's just like, what is that next step. And I think when you start using video, you feel discouraged. Because it doesn't have the reach that you think it should or that you want it to have. And building a brand. Using video, starting a podcast, it's a long term game, right? Building a brand is a marathon, it's not a sprint, so you have to be in it to win it like you need to, to, like be consistent with your messaging, build emotional connection, build relationships, and then ask for the sale. And that takes time. Yeah, yeah, it definitely takes time. You know, one thing that I find interesting too, is that I've seen the shift. You know, I'm in a lot of business circles. And I've seen this shift around the sprint versus the marathon with the traffic, right video is such a part of your traffic generation, getting people to learn about you for the first time, and inviting them to that next step as you grow that relationship. But there's there's two forms of traffic that I feel like especially a lot of the online entrepreneurs and brands have doubled down over the last six years on Facebook ads, Instagram ads, YouTube ads, and have gotten quick wins that way. And of course, they still work, all of the costs are continuing to increase. And then, you know, we'll continue to see evolution of the platforms that have enabled us, you know, like Facebook and others. Yeah. How do you think from a marathon perspective? How do you think video can be used, that it is timeless and that you can continue to grow that that strategy and that plan for yourself? Yeah, you know, this is such a great conversation, especially during these times where, you know, for us, our company doubled in 2020 because we double down on Facebook ads. We showed up more consistently we held our masterclass every eight weeks like I was like, I don't care if I can't do a live event. Again I am showing up regardless. And you do get that oh my gosh, that dopamine hit that quick rush. But that was 10 years in the making.

You know, I think that video is about positioning everything that you do in your business. Let's face it is about positioning. It's about creating authority, creating trust, building rapport with people, I actually just led a two day training and one of the women came in and I swear to God, it was like she was meeting Oprah. And I was like, she was so excited to meet me. And I was so humbled and actually taken aback, because she had been following me for so long, and watching my videos for so long. And that really is the magic of social, you know, growing up, I had to audition to be on camera, you know, I got told no, a million times. And now we have no barrier to entry. Now, that's also the upside. And the downside is that there's no barrier to entry. So yes, there's a lot of noise. There's a lot of content, people are in content confusion. And this is where your videos are a long term play. Because what people are searching for, hopefully you solve a problem that isn't going away anytime soon. Right, you help people step into a new realm of possibility. So when I'm googling you, when I'm going on YouTube, when I'm doing those things, I don't care if your video is 10 years old, if it's great content, I'm going to go back and watch it. And by the way, I'm going to start following you. I will then purchase from you see, here's the thing, the ads and the workshops, and the masterclasses and the live events, if you've built a brand, it emphasizes the brand, right? People can go back and edify through your social and your videos and your content that you're the real deal. Because there's a lot of garbage being sold to. So I think that videos and your branding and the long term play is positioning that will outweigh anything short term that you do. I love it. One. And I think there's an element of perspective there. Which to me is a key part of anyone's just personal journey and story. Is this change in perspective that people need to realize that if you are doubling down entrepreneurship, and especially, you know, speaking to you serial entrepreneurship, right, those who are perpetual with it, that it is a long term thing. One thing that actually stood out to me early on with what you're talking about is this idea to around inspired living. It's not the carry brand, it's inspired living brand.

And we find that there's definitely a clear line that people draw around like, Hey, I'm gonna brand everything my name. And like, you know, the Tony Robbins, or Oprah, Oprah Winfrey's of the world, right? We Why do you think there's a benefit? Avi, let me add this other note, too. Obviously, it's essential to build a personal brand, especially nowadays for people to, to know and see you and have that authority and trust built. But I guess, describe why you chose to go with inspired living versus the Cary Grant. Was Was that out of a bottle of wine over that decision? I tell you, it was it was so hard. I remember at the time I was coaching with Allie Brown, and this is 10 years ago, right? And I'm coming up with this name. And she's like, why isn't unkempt? Why isn't it on camera coaching with carry? at the thought of it like, like, that sounds horrible to me that I always saw something that was bigger than me. And yet for my clients, most of them, I tell them to build out your name, honestly, like, that's you. I can't explain that decision. I just knew that inspired living. I have 10 coaches on my team. I always saw at some point having products, I can't explain it, it was more intuitive. And I think that that's really important that when you're naming your business, or you're thinking about what's next for you, like go in before you go out, you know, there are so many decisions today. I bought a URL that cost me almost six grand and I'm like, Are you kidding me? It but it was intuitive. Like I need I need this name because it goes with the trajectory of my brand. And even though I asked a million people, I had to really sit with it and be is this the right decision for me? So I wish I could tell you all I knew is that, you know, I came off a lot of personal development when inspired, living launched, it was more of a life coaching company because I had come off training NLP, I was running all these trainings around the world. And my clients were all at the time global. I was working with people all over and I was doing a lot of life coaching. And so it was before I niched down. So inspired living was relationships and money and fitness and health and because to me that that is inspired living, so it has grown and morphed greatly in the last 10 years.

But I just knew at the time that that was right for me. And so I went with it. It was I will say though, it's now inspired living by Kerry Murphy, we have the inspired company. So there's it's still I feel like we're 10 years in and in some ways, we're just getting our feet which is exciting, too. Yeah. Yeah. What keeps you in that startup and kind of honeymoon phase of entrepreneurship right where I find I you observe a lot of entrepreneurs out there and they get a certain to certain stage grow business to a certain level and they quickly kind of like I'm completely said, What's my next thing? What's my next project? And so I remember feeling that with other businesses as well. Yeah, yeah, it's a serial entrepreneur trap. Maybe sometimes. Usually, it's like the five year five year honeymoon. And yeah, this has been 10. So we're good. And I'll tell you, I still wake up. And I'm excited, really every day for what we're doing and what we're creating. And I will say it helps that I have the most amazing team on the planet. So yeah, it's a good feeling. Yeah, amazing. So inspired living. Obviously, you are heavily involved, and you are the face of that brand. There's a so many brands out there. And this kind of leads my next question, there's so many brands out there that are not connected to any certain name or face. You know, it's kind of like if you divorced Steve Jobs from Apple back in the day that people hear it? i What do you think it is? There's so many examples of brands that don't necessarily have that that face but yet can still be successful. Do you think there's a maker break stage where all sudden someone needs to step into that that spotlight and and be see be seen as that authority and that visionary leader buying the company? You know, I think that when you look at market research, when you look at analytics, you look at statistics, all of those things, which we do often. People are more prone to buy from people than brands. That's why you do see people like Sara Blakely. And I mean, there are so many other amazing entrepreneurs out there that even though the name of their brand is something different, they are still the forefront and the name of the brand. Now when that brand supersedes you like Gucci, right, Tom Ford can step away and go do his own thing. But I'll tell you, Tom Ford left Gucci.

And I bet a lot of people weren't with Tom Ford. So yeah, I think you just have to know what is the value proposition of your company? What is the core value that your company is built on? Because if you have a strong core value, then whoever's the face could continue to uphold those values and standards that that brand represents. You know, at some point, you know, Oprah is not going to be around anymore, Tony Robbins isn't going to be around anymore. What's What's the long term legacy play for those brands? I'm actually really curious. I know, Tony has a lot of other trainers. But this is just for you. I think it's such a great conversation and something to think about is what is your end game? Do you want the company to end? When your life ends? Do you want to sell it? Do you want to be do you want it to be self LED? Do you want to leave a legacy? Do you want your children to take it over? And those are questions? I'm asking myself right now I have two little ones, like what's the long term play for inspired living? And I'll tell you, I take daily walks, and my thought is always what would happen if I wasn't around? What would happen? What would happen to my company? What would happen to my children and not not in some sort of, like morbid way, but from really a business standpoint of, hey, if I got sick, or I got hit by a bus, like, what would happen to what I've just spent my life building? And I think that's a really good question to ask yourself, I do think people are more inclined to buy from people. I think more than ever, we seek human connection. And when you really look at the brands that are killing it, there's a name and a face behind it. Yes. 100%. And oftentimes, speaking of those core values mentioned, generations down the road, when that primary visionary leaves after the core values were long established, if they're not kept in alignment to the current leaders, or employees of that company, that brand people notice.

And it's really like a public disgrace in a way where people are like, oh, so and so would be rolling in their grave if they knew that this was happening to their their businesses all the time, right? Yeah. Big guy comes and buys out a small guy, or someone passes or someone moves on and someone steps in, and then you're like, What the heck, I loved this company so much. And now the experience or you can absolutely tell the values aren't being upheld. So I think you can do your best to create that culture. Even if even if it's you and a VA, like you can create culture, you can create standards, you can create core values. And as you grow your team, as you bring up other leaders in your team, I have to say that's why I'm like I'm so in love with my team because they all hold the core values of what we do. It's not just carry hold inspired living. It's the company holds it and we love our clients and we love to help people get out there and, and get visible. And so yeah, it's a really interesting conversation. I wish we had hours to talk about it. Yes. Agreed. Well, and it's something I think a lot of us experienced that friction. And it's like forests, you know, above the trees, things like that. Where It does go back to me of this idea of being a visionary is knowing what your end play is, with your business, especially as a visionary entrepreneur, is knowing what you want out of it. Like if you could see yourself retirement age or late in life, who are you surrounded by? What type of business have you built? How are you spending your time and in some of those questions, have a real tangible moment that you're like, hey, I have this freedom here, I have this freedom over here, to to do the things I want, and to leave the legacy I want. And for people to align that to specific, specific ideas and visions for themselves, then I feel like their their business would be a lot more inspired and guided, and that they can step into that visionary role that many of us and many of those listening watching, definitely want to play. Yeah, you know what, in this conversation and feeling to that there's, when you're starting your business, and you know that it's like, oh, my gosh, I have something really big that I want to share. And I'm a message I want to get out there and I need to be more visible.

What I find so much, especially in that first like three to five years is that you're so stuck in the minutiae of the doing, that you you don't get to step into the being of the company and the being of those core values and just show up consistently. So like usually, my greatest piece of advice is go out there and get help, like really learn to delegate early on, look at your business as a CEO, even if you're just starting out, like what decisions would a CEO make? Would she be doing all of these things? And in the beginning, we are all the things right? We're the janitor, we're the bookkeeper. We're the, you know, chief service officer, we're all things. But the sooner you learn, to delegate and to really step into your genius, and I have a very good friend, her name's Sabrina rising, she's an intuitive coach. And she's like, instead of thinking about what you need to do, think about how you want to feel. How do you want to feel every day and this is your endplay. And this is your play today. Like how do you want to be feeling in your business? And when I'm not inspired, I got to double check myself and be like, what's going on? Where am I in resistance? What's you know what's happening, that I need to take a deeper look at things. But for us, you know, that have cashed the blessing to run our own businesses and to decide each day how we want to show up and who we want to be, you know, taking time to understand these things that we're talking about today, I really think are foundational to any sort of growth, whether that's team monetary, anything that we see we all start a business for freedom, and yet most of us will never have it. Just because we don't learn that just because you're committed to showing up on video once a week doesn't mean you have to go on camera every day.

Like there are strategies, right? I do one production day a month, my team handles the rest, you know, so there are strategies where you get to actually feel good in your business. And I think that's really important. Yeah, what a powerful message to leave off on and to send people on their way to fill that element of inspiration, but also some Getting Started elements. And speaking of getting started, how can someone get started with learning more about you and exploring what you have to offer? I would say the best place is to come to inspired We have a really amazing V studio ready guide. People always ask me like Carrie, how do I What equipment do I need? How do I set up my home studio? Like where do I start? So we put together this beautiful comprehensive guide you can go get it right now it's absolutely free. tells you all the equipment, whether you're beginner or advanced and some tips on setting up your home studio. And then please go DM me on Instagram right now at inspired living TV. Let me know you heard this interview. I would love to personally connect with you. I can give you my text number in our chat and we can stay in touch because relationships to me are really important. Love it. Well. Thank you so much for your time, Carrie. It's amazing to connect and to share more of your story to more and more people. So this is great. I really appreciate you having me


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