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Video Distribution Platform Deep Dive

Dallin Nead and Josh Crandall

Today we discuss one of the 3 P's of our content creation strategy - Platform. We discuss what you need to know about your approach to video marketing to different social media platforms.

Most people and brands struggle to get the visibility and attention they need to stand out and grow their business. Often, this makes them feel overwhelmed as they try to do all the things to grow a business that matters while serving their audience with great products and a powerful message. 

It's difficult to be successful with video without a clear plan and knowledge about how video, marketing, and messaging actually works to attract and genuinely sell an audience of buyers. 

Josh Crandall, Dallin Nead, and other guest experts explore many actionable tips, strategies, and behind-the-scenes secrets from their most successful video marketing campaigns inside the Video Supply™ Agency — all to help you grow a brand that people love using the power of video. 

Topics include creativity, messaging, scripting, marketing, gear, film production, editing, and many more stories and strategies in between! 

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hey guys welcome again uh let me just pull up these notes here welcome to content supply welcome to video supply where we believe that video is the most powerful way to monetize your message stand out in the market and grow your business i'll be your host today josh crandall and uh we've got dalai need joining us today dallin say hi and uh this is the first time i'm using this live platform to uh to really uh bring us together in a podcast so that's kind of neat

let's do it let's bring us there we go we're on video yeah here we are hello hey from uh colorado and what standard are you in now i'm in virginia right now we're at virginia yeah we're everywhere don and i are both moving we've been we've been both moving so it's a little hectic yeah i we're currently i mean uh for those who don't know so um like josh and i are partners here on on video supply this platform but also on uh in the agency and we wrote we run it all virtually right so like we're all over the country we have our video suppliers all over the country in different parts of the world and uh you know we're both in the middle of moving so we're in places that are not our own and uh and still making it happen so it's good yeah you know it's important you know we we keep saying that uh that done is better than good or good as good as better than perfect uh you know as long as we're getting it out there and sharing i mean like you can do the same for your business as well so um well you know thanks for joining me today darling today you know we really wanted to talk about i'll go a little bit more in depth than what we talked about last week last week we talked a bit about um when you go to you know create your videos you're focused on people your purpose and then your platform right and they're very valuable very valuable things that you need to map out before you go ahead and create your content and so i wanted to take a deeper dive into at least one of those things that i think is very important and i think we should talk about today darling is i think we should talk about the platform uh and really talk about how you know planning for the right platform really matters um in your business you know when you go to create content um you definitely need to have those end goals in mind you know obviously your your audience um you need to have the purpose in place but then platform right i mean that's such a big thing uh that can that you can really use for your distribution platform it's a strong tool and if you have a clear understanding of of what each platform is and what uh what aspects of it can really contribute to your messaging uh then you can really have a good presentation and use it as effectively as possible um so let's uh let's jump over to uh and look at a few things here's an example go ahead yeah can i jump in actually with that one thing i find fascinating that you're saying with that is if you think about platform versus the other two ps of people and purpose platform is the one that is often most of out of our control and always evolving so like you know the people you serve you can serve almost the same people for your entire business lifespan and still you know have that same purpose behind your content uh and what you're trying to help people do obviously with some variations but um the ones that the one that is least out of your control is the platform because that is at the mercy of the people who create the software create the platforms where you distribute your content and and i think that's that's the most fascinating so we're gonna kind of talk about how to also adapt and evolve to the changes that are always happening on the platforms so definitely yeah yeah so so what i want to do is i want to just take us through we're going to you know this is a podcast but for those who are watching the video you can follow along with the video but we're gonna jump jump through a youtube channel an instagram channel facebook you know these are all platforms that you can use to distribute your message we're gonna talk about some of the differences there and some similarities that that can really help shape your message and and to be used or to utilize these platforms effectively so um so we'll jump over to youtube now if you if you open up youtube um i'm sure my computer screen here

we see the screen but we don't see youtube yet yeah that's very very good yeah there we are you see you see youtube right pulling up youtube not not yet i think you have to pull it on the screen there it is hey look at that first time for everything okay so yeah we're looking at we're looking at our uh or at the content supply uh youtube channel here and and right off the bat um let's let's talk about youtube and its platform right uh from my understanding youtube is about the second used search platform on the web uh correct me if i'm wrong don't uh but basically when when you go to a platform like youtube um something to point out is you're a captive audience and what i mean by that is that um other platforms such as instagram or facebook if you're just cruising the news feed um you're just cruising the new feed then things are gonna present themselves most likely as opportunities you know somebody's throwing up a video hopefully that you're gonna scroll by it in that case it needs to be you know show stopping or have a very strong hook or um you know your goal there is to to grab a new audience member you know within within the marketing realm of traffic leads and sales you're really generating traffic there right you're trying to put yourself out there and be seen um and so so when you come to a platform like youtube and you search for a video you are you are submitting yourself to be a captive audience uh which is something to keep in mind when you're creating your videos is that any one of these platforms that you choose to put your content on um you need to keep that in mind and say hey i can use some things to my advantage here because if somebody's searching youtube and they find a video and they click on the link then they're going through this step-by-step process that says i'm willing to sit here and watch this right so then so then you're you as a creator are able to utilize that and say i can present my information in a little different way maybe i don't need a rush to to my you know my selling point or maybe i don't need to have you know such a strong strong hook or maybe um you know maybe i can take a little more time and be a little more creative i have some room to breathe uh and and i i say that because um a lot of times we we get caught up with you know like oh maybe my videos can only be you know i think i think back a couple years ago i hear i heard all the time it said okay your videos need to be two to five minutes long they can't go over like five minutes that's just the most dreaded thing out there um does that sound right down yeah you know it you hear so many different mixed messages around the length of the videos and people often ask that where and even to that regard josh like i feel like that question there's more to like that's under the surface right the the iceberg right when you see the tip of the iceberg when people ask how long the video is it's them trying to put a box to their crate like a limit to their creativity or a limit to the voltage where for sure like the algorithm favors certain links better than others but oftentimes um the same principles hold true that josh already referenced as far as hooking your audience yeah if you can't hook them early on then um they're not the right audience for you and they'll jump off to go watch some other video you know it's it's that limited attention span and uh and so youtube is that unique platform where to me and many people you know we see it like it is it's a streaming platform like as if you're watching netflix or disney plus where you can go consume your episodic content but from everyday people that you don't necessarily get on these other platforms and it's a library of your content versus a news feed of your content like every other platform out there is essentially a news feed it's not that you can't find people's old posts like igtv or facebook watch videos but they're a lot more harder to find and they're not indexed the same way that youtube does and that's where you know like we just barely started shifting and putting a focus after all this time doing it for other people we're starting to focus now start 2020 like what we're a month into putting really any content effort into our own youtube strategy because um you know now it's all about the long-term play and also not to be reliant on um the changing platforms out there where there are there's becoming progressively more limitations other platforms like hopefully youtube doesn't get terribly limiting you know um beyond 2021 but uh you know there's there's always gonna be a lot of power in getting yourself far more searchable both in the short term and long term of your business yes definitely and um yeah no thank you for that don the uh there's you mentioned the algorithm and how uh really there's there is an algorithm with with youtube and with really any social media channel that that can really um some people find it a curse or they curse at it but some people understand that the algorithm can be a very beautiful and unusable thing um you know and it might be looked at wrong in many lights uh you know because nobody said it was easy right uh but uh but yeah if you're a content creator and you're putting constant uh content out there then you know that that that algorithm will recognize and bring you up the the power that um the power that youtube has is a platform that don was talking about like uh like being in netflix uh you're you're coming there you're submitting yourself to be an audience member um and then really if you're if you're creating content for youtube it really allows you to broaden your um you know to really open the book and really uh give a lot of content on there um something to keep in mind too is you know aside from being able to to have a longer attention span when you click on some of these videos and we'll just use uh we'll click on a random one as an example let's click on a random one down first one um we are able to put copy in with a video which i think is a beautiful beautiful thing um you have the power here to insert copy below the video so you don't have to um you know say things in your video that somebody could jump down to the copy right um you know for instance your title you know we have a thumbnail that we're working with we've got a title on the video you don't have to in your video actually you know mention a title or state the purpose to the nth degree or whatever because you can utilize the copy uh below the video

to be able to tell part of that messaging story and um you know along with that is the ability to just like uh we're looking at this video here with some links at the bottom you know if i guess if you're uh if you're marketing a product you can you can post links to the products and you know make money that way or your own links but then yeah right down here um within our channel we've posted the youtube channel website instagram facebook twitter linkedin you know podcast there's so many things that you can do here that really helps to you know redirect and re-target people who are curious and want to learn more so um so youtube is a very powerful platform uh where you can put your you know your long-form and and uh you know links to other content and really utilize this to the to the max

um you know the platform you distribute your videos to is only as powerful as your ability to be clear on those other ps of purpose and people because if your people are not spending their time on youtube and consuming content on youtube then there's no reason as powerful as youtube is there's no reason to be there i you know i'll venture to say that most brands if not all need to be on youtube um just for the searchability aspect for the long-term strategy but you know if you're going to tick-tock but you're servicing baby boomers you know it's it's having the context of the people you're serving um and then the platform that they're spending their time on and the same thing with purpose too like oftentimes once you understand the purpose of your video like if your video is to educate people on your product then you're not necessarily gonna um that is those who say pay for it if like it's an online course um then that's not necessarily gonna live on youtube um because you want people to pay for it right so like you may be hosting that on more private uh distribution platforms like wistia or vimeo which provide more customization to keep it more private and um and yeah just provide more of those customizations there so it's understanding um exactly what is that platform or it could be even more private right like josh like you know through our company we we service different government agencies and they require even more security and privacy to their content and it's a very niche audience who watches it and and so understanding not only like the sizing and formatting that video for that platform but uh but yeah like the audience and how they're gonna consume it and sometimes that allows you the opportunity to not have to worry maybe as much about the algorithm but more about the message and like hey does this need to be a two-minute message or a two-hour message um and uh and understanding like uh the the relevancy of of that in the platform because it comes in many forms whether people are getting it for free or having to pay for it um yeah so i i mean adding to that for sure is like youtube is definitely for everyone um i would venture to say for a long term play but but yeah understanding the people and the purpose behind it for sure oh yeah totally yeah that can that can never be left behind right i mean uh and and i think in the upcoming episodes we'll talk we'll do a deep dive on people we'll do a deep dive on purpose uh and you know how it all ties together uh and and why that's you know so important because they're each very different topics that you can go so far into let's jump over to uh let's jump over to uh instagram so let's talk about instagram a little bit uh and how it differs right and and what to keep in mind if you're going to be creating um creating for instagram now now obviously uh instagram is has grown over the years too you know it's it's really gone from strictly photos you know they started to introduce videos and then i think i think man i i'm feeling old while i'm talking about this down because i remember back in the day i don't think instagram lets you post anything uh anything besides a photo yeah video really wasn't here but but they really exploded and i think after facebook bought instagram uh and they're they're adding a lot more features honestly inspired from other platforms like talk or snapchat where instagram stories came because of snapchat i believe in igtv came because of probably a mix of snapchat or ig reels is from tiktok you know and the styles there and so they're catering to what like is becoming popular but it's working like and they put a lot of attention to the igrill so like the features of video are still newish but yet growing so rapidly that you know just to keep up on the features and opportunities alone um you know if you don't you can be left behind you know and it's it's constantly adapting so we you know like you look at our feed and you're like oh you only have 590 followers at this point in what february of 2021 and and that's you know it's an interesting thing to discuss because um understanding that you don't you know need to have hundreds of thousands of followers if none of them are your buyers right so like we focus on strictly serving our main buyers and a lot of our agency work has been so high end that uh we put all the focus on our clients businesses and now we're shifting that to be our own business right becoming a client to our own services to understand the people platform platform and purpose in a larger way so you'll see a lot more growth from us over the coming months and years yeah for sure yeah i know and it's um and you really you know again it goes into you know the platform is is a tool that you utilize for what you need it to to do for you and and maximize its effectiveness based on you know the return that you're getting you know from that time investment or money investment to that platform yeah so um so so uh just like you said um yeah i mean yeah uh when you let's talk about let's talk about some of the messaging that uh that you can gear towards uh posting on instagram so we're just gonna take a quick scroll through ours and and and really you know you gotta keep in mind too that uh at least for myself i jump on instagram and i'll i'll scroll through um you know i'll scroll through the feed uh to see you know what's new you know if i'm ex if i'm extra bored a lot of times i link more towards the stories so that uh you know i can see who's up to what and updates yeah totally and i would say yeah real-time updates but also the feed instagram's not favoring the feed much anymore like you don't see kind of engagement you used to with just the simple feed alone and and that's where a lot more focus is in the reals and the igtv yeah in this yeah which is right like that's the video piece of it mm-hmm yeah and so so you know if i find myself like myself for my purposes on on instagram or to share maybe perhaps um some of my reels or like like uh you know show off the work that i've done but then if i really want to keep my audience updated just to like hey what's what's the here and now it's the story right and i think that you know if you're a business and you're putting information out there uh and advertising you know that's that's something you're gonna end up relying on as long as uh throwing up instagram stories um i i think and i could be wrong but i think that instagram is favoring reels right now uh it seems like those are more discoverable or or you know tend to be promoted a little more within their algorithm yeah it's it's all about the new features like you know being a testing new feature they they push more attention to that for sure yep but uh but but in but but let's let's shift gears there and and just talk about how to utilize you know instagram as an effective platform for your content and and you know uh i think for the long term the the the things that you want to either show off or or information that you want to have always readily readily available um you know i think i think you post those in your feed and i think that uh you know when somebody can come to instagram and go to your channel and look at your stuff it's almost like a portfolio you know if you're in the video world or the the art art world or photography world you put together a portfolio to show to a client and say hey here's what i'm capable of right some people some people go to platforms to to find inspiration and so for us at content supply a lot of these are you know we're promoting some of our our products and our services um we're we're we're trying to be eye-catching and stand out um there's some quotes in here that you know we want to share for inspiration but really this is a strong portfolio to show like it's really showing off our branding i think it's a very powerful platform to use to show hey this is this is the look and feel of us which can go to great lengths when you're trying to attract clients um anything else on that down before i move to like instagram stories yeah no it's it's all about that like and this is this is a shift that you often find if you look through people's entire feed from the time they started is a lot of the feed particularly obviously if you're a brand builder right a lot of the feed is about you it shows a lot of visuals about you and same things with stories right because you're documenting your day but the idea is like you'll see a lot more growth and this is again something we're talking about to kind of share our current update over our own business is like something we're shifting more of is how can we show less of your face and more of uh valuable information that features and talks about your customers right because at the end of the day messaging is only as powerful as your ability to talk about your customers and how to help serve them the best and if that calls for an image or visual or video of you then include it but often times it it calls for the straight up information because people will love to consume valuable information that's relevant to them and then pay you for the implementation of that that information um depending on what product or service you're offering so yeah like you'll see that progressive like if their feed their following and their engagement is growing it's because they're shifting the focus of their feed and all their content on the platform to be about their customers solely definitely and that's you know and that's that you know kind of circles back to why it's so important to know who your audience is right to know the people that you are presenting the information to to really know what to put out there there's so much that goes into you know that that you can do to define really who is your audience and then tailor your messaging to fit that audience because um because if you don't do that then you're not really going to land any messages they're not going to stick they're not going to be strong if we if we talk about how to utilize stories you know if we talk about how we utilize it for our content supply clients a lot of times um we'll develop videos that that live on youtube right that's that's their main you know that's the kind of the home base um but we do want to share because there is power and sharing you know relevant information that's that's quick to digest on platforms such as instagram so what we'll do is we will um we will gear and edit towards instagram stories so the aspect ratio or the dimensions on youtube is typically nine or sorry 16x9 uh we'll go ahead and we'll flip that because people typically cruise instagram with their phone vertically uh and that's that's been a major shift in the film industry as well i think is uh is that that strong influence that instagram's had to you know people start creating videos vertically which is uncomfortable for a lot of video creators you know yeah do we talk about by the way did we talk about this last week about quibby oh man i don't know did we talk about quibby when we regardless like maybe maybe we do this quick uh tangent example uh if you don't mind like i think it's a perfect example of like you know we see a progressive push towards mobile viewing right the platform definitely webby is an example in 2020 here they they had multiple billions in investments from top studios and even former studio executives like jeffrey katzenberg who basically was the president of disney animation when aladdin or merma little mermaid you know some of those iconic disney movies came out but then he went together with his business partner and they built out quibby brought in all this a-list talent and quibby was i'll say was right a platform uh in a streaming service that favored mobile's distribution first and so you know you're watching like some of your favorite stars in like 10 minute episodes the short episodes vertically you can definitely watch it horizontally if you decided to but it favored all mobile distribution um but what they failed to do is like yeah they may have considered distributions in a strong way to know like oh we got to distribute this we got to be like here's the platform here's our platform decision and so they built with the platform mind which is powerful and they had a strong purpose to cater to you know this innovative new way to consume content but where they were lacking was the people focus is they were trying to target um they were saying they're trying to target like the younger generation right the people who are very mobile first and shorter fans right the younger generations um but uh they failed to market that way so you know lip service to the fact that they weren't actually doing it correctly and as a result they just utterly failed and they closed down shop their whole business after about six months in 2020 and but that's a perfect example of a misalignment in people purpose and platform they were missing out and doing people correctly and so if you find your videos are just not working or falling flat i guarantee that at least one of these three legs in your stool you know this three-legged stool that foundation is missing or needs to be corrected and fixed and uh and so that's a perfect example of that and uh and so yeah mobile distribution is definitely definitely the way to go but there's i believe there's still no harm in in creating horizontal videos like there's always gonna be time and place oh yeah for you know that and youtube still obviously heavily favors that but but youtube um or sorry instagram is definitely a huge on vertical videos and and being understanding like how can i prepare a way to mobily view my videos in a way that engages customers the best definitely yeah and and i think that uh it it's been fascinating to see that that shift uh in the whole video world to me like maybe you know let's entertain let's entertain vertical video and and man they just uh i've shot on a lot of canon products and they came out with a new canon c70 camera that now has a mount on the side of the camera where you can literally take the camera and move it vertically and mount it to your tripod so that well and you can literally like inside of different cameras nowadays like the all these amazing digital video cameras cinema cameras you can choose to show you like a cropped frame like you can still film obviously in the full frame horizontal format but then it kind of adds like a temporary view of like what it looks like when it's going to be cropped so you can free your subjects in in and do your framing correctly for hey if you're doing square distribution which is often most popular for facebook right now or if you're doing vertical for instagram or for snapchat or tick tock you know so it's just fascinating that um the platforms really guide the changes in strategies uh you know for at least for the the production um and the post production strategies that often need to go into video is um you know the technology adapts to the platforms so platforms definitely you know as we said from the onset they definitely dictate a lot of uh a lot of evolution and pivots and changes that you have to make to your your video strategy at least from the creative side definitely yeah and uh no yeah that that's that's totally 100 correct um so so let's talk a little bit about like how to utilize this platform then uh and it's in its best way besides the the um mine what's it called the feed your your portfolio we're talking about let's talk a little bit about using uh your content within uh video supply or science within the instagram stories down and i can't get my thoughts together today i do i mean video you can go learn about how to create your your curated amazing branded feed of video content for your business but yeah for instagram yeah we're not we're not product pitching at all right now yeah yeah so yeah you know instagram uh instagram stories there's power in being able to to tap into a story and to view something that you know it's kind of funny because you spend a lot of time in in some cases creating this content that you're going to put up for 24 hours you know but but uh i think the the instagram platform is so geared towards you know you can choose to have your long form content in the in the feed but uh but really you can say what's relevant in your stories uh there's a lot of power in that and seeing you know keeping up and and being relevant um but we really you know to continue on that that thought that i had was you know we we typically first for our clients they want to put stuff on instagram and so what we do is we um we'll frame the video to be vertical so we'll we'll switch up the aspect ratio we'll crop in um we'll take into consideration uh during our our shoots to say all right this is going to be an instagram story so let's go ahead and and add in any language that's going to be geared towards instagram right um you don't you don't swipe up on youtube you don't swipe up on on facebook but you can swipe up within a within a story tender pardon what's that do you swipe up on tinder i never used to i haven't yet yeah i think i think i was a little ahead of that time too but uh but yeah you uh you can swipe up so if you're if you're creating a video um that you know you're going to share on youtube you're going to share it on facebook you're going to share it on instagram um take some time and say something you know wrap it up in a different way shape or form so that you know that hey on youtube you're going to say hey click here to subscribe or or you know ring the bell leave a comment etc on on instagram you're going to say swipe up to learn more about this you can really gear those into your shoots because you know that you're going to rely on separate platforms for a different purpose so so within creating content for something like instagram stories um you know knowing during your shoot that you're going to crop in and you can say am i going to do that in camera or am i going to do that in post but those are those are those are things to keep in mind while you're developing you know the pre-production plans that during production you can plan for saying swipe up you know that really makes you appear like oh wow you know they really plan for this platform they really know their stuff right um and so uh some of those things that you can plan for for for your particular platform to really utilize it to its fullest capability um of course you can repurpose just about anything uh if you've got the right if you got the great content creator um but it is nice to be able to have that knowledge and understanding and gear things towards the correct platform um cool yeah well it in mind with instagram or with any platform what's incredible with what these platforms do is they make it easy for the everyday content creator to easily create content you know do what they do get their message out there and that everyone has a camera on them at all times through their phone or their computer and so we no longer have an excuse for not filming videos and oftentimes the things that keep us from producing the content and video video content we need is our own limiting beliefs our fear our our fear of judgment um and it's no longer excuse of the technology or platform because it can be something simple even if you don't want to add in the graphics that say instagram stories or reels provide you could simply just record an instagram story and get your message out there and still look pretty good doing it um the biggest difference um uh that makes or breaks the effectiveness of those types of videos is again the relevancy of the message and the people you're talking to and making sure like that message right will follow that that purpose that we talk about so uh you know there's just there's just so much powerful um so much power in your pocket with your phone uh that uh that people that definitely uh definitely under utilize or the ones who over utilize are often contributing a lot to the noise that exists online um and often you know it's it's tricky you know i've had this conversation my brother's in a uh in an seo uh heavy like content marketing business and uh you know we talk about okay how much noise is two noise too much noise from your brand uh to contribute online like and oftentimes uh i feel like if you're just like you know there's going to be noise regardless like any kind of piece of content even if it's the most valuable in the world is technically noise in the marketplace so it's like how do you stand out from the noise in the marketplace well you have to add a clear message you got a purpose people and platform um but also you got to just be willing to show up and contribute um oftentimes the ones that are who are loudest and contributing the most are the ones who stand out and so it's that that that's that's i feel like the tricky thing um that lies there is we lack that time the energy and the resources to effectively and profitably stand out in the marketplace and contribute to that noise at the level that we need to and that that's really what inspired um content supply our you know our our main business but our system of video supply and the services and coaching that we provide is we deliver a proven system for people to use video profitably and effectively to help them grow their business in a way that helps them contribute to the noise but do so in a very genuine and an impactful way for their clients and for their business as well definitely and and sometimes i think that uh you know to add to that you talked about how you know sometimes the the loudest or the most you know visually striking or whatever it is you know gets gets the attention i think i think also consistent you know consistency will get uh noticed as well i think if you know if you're if you're hearing this overtone of you know consistent thing throughout a song you're going to notice it right and so i think that has a lot to do so as long as you know you have that plan in place and you're using utilizing these platforms to the best of their abilities and understand that there is an algorithm you know in some cases if you want to you know lean on that to help grow your audience then yeah you can be very consistent and and that'll help stand out as well so so let's go let's let's jump back in let's go back to um let's move on to facebook let's talk about how facebook differs from the the two different platforms of what we've talked about uh which has been youtube and instagram so let's let's talk a little bit about facebook dalan how do you how should somebody effectively utilize facebook as a platform for their their content for their audience yeah that's a great question you know facebook is a fascinating platform because um to me i believe in this day recording this beginning 2021 the most powerful way to get your videos to drive the most impact i believe come in two forms one is facebook ads so paid advertising on facebook so that way you can actually deliver um obviously you know with the algorithms in your favor deliver the relevant video messages to the right audience at the right time and that can drive the most impact and growth and sells in your business but then second to that i would say it's utilizing facebook groups um you know here's here's uh one version one of our facebook groups um but that you can see you know for those watching the video but you design utilizing facebook groups allows you to bring in a curated um audience of people who only want to hear from you or interested in learning from you um whatever topic or niche that may be and then you can drop in videos um and we obviously still want to make them engaging but you you gotta understand that people are already saying um that they want to get to know you more and learn about how you can help them and so they are already showing that they know you and now they're like okay make it easy for me to fall in love with your brand and uh and so you're able to sell them more easily in facebook groups but you're also able to target them very specific messages um to you know help provide as much valuable information as possible so to me again the the two focuses are definitely there um but beyond that like if you want to go or like okay that's great but like my my facebook or my my audience is so like it's all about facebook for them you know um so then you can leverage facebook watch which is basically facebook streaming service i mean there's even i just recently moved from la to denver when i had friends working in the film industry who were creating episodic tv shows um for facebook watch exclusively it was a facebook watch tv show you know and it's not only not a lot of people realize that uh to the full success they just think a lot of the everyday creators or brands are just um contributing like lower budget shows but there are hollywood level shows that are showing up on facebook watch and so if you've already spent the time and are willing to spend the time and know your audiences almost exclusively on facebook um then you'd you know tap into that opportunity there and create your own tv show for facebook watch um and show up consistently there and so um yeah i would say ultimately there's there's kind of those three focuses ads hands down for for for faster results longer term strategy build up an audience who is excited to watch your show every week or every day on facebook watch and then get more um do do more deep dives with your audience inside of facebook groups man yeah that's crazy i didn't realize that i'm i mean i haven't been into facebook watches much personally uh but uh that's pretty impressive they've been uh so yeah focused on that's crazy oh yeah it was just blew my mind like you know facebook like uh you know and i was i was talking about um this with my wife the other day like because we were driving past this even amazon uh fulfillment um facility nearby us just down the road i was like you know what's amazing is that amazon started as an amazon bookstore right selling exclusively what just used books i think alone yeah i remember that actually yeah now they literally sell everything from a to z including they're a movie studio you know their amazon has won um emmys and i think even academy awards you know um and they're tapping into every single niche an industry feels like on the planet and so and you can even you know like if you want to venture there right like we only were talking about these three main social media platforms today but you can consider and think bigger than that um obviously if your audience is on tick tock or snapchat or any other social media platform that's relevant to the time and place you know that and that you need to uh build your audience on but there are bigger platforms that you know are possible to consider right like amazon prime um it takes a lot of effort and strategy to do it but uh we have plenty of connections that have distributed their films and their content as diy or professional as it is to amazon prime or have sold um their rights to netflix you know for different platforms and you know those distribution platforms are are powerful and it gives you more credibility it may be a broader market and not all your ideal clientele or customers or audience however it opens you up to a wider range of people still if it's relevant to your brand then you can focus on those platforms as well um but yeah i mean that's incredible depth um you know coverage really of the platforms and we will definitely dig deeper into those opportunities of platforms as time goes on but yeah i mean that's it really comes back down to where it all begins right with like what is my purpose of the video who am i serving the people uh and then where they're spent like where do they prefer to spend their time to consume content and then choosing a platform based on who you serve and that will make you know your approach to creating content much easier yeah definitely and uh yeah exactly and that that approach is is really what it's all about too is is underst with understanding platforms is is how can i tailor this content to live on the platform that it's going to live and be the most effective uh at accomplishing that purpose of what we wanted to do so yeah it's uh it's it's something to you know consider definitely when you're creating any content is what's my platform if you make it specific uh it can it can really land harder than than you know otherwise planned and uh just just make sure that you realize that uh that there is power in customization for you know where your videos are gonna live and yeah there's there's so many platforms there's you know you can sit here and list off a huge list um but but you know if it's if it's an audience that you want to tap into there's no harm in trying a new platform you know whether it's pinterest whether it's linkedin if it's uh you know tapping you know trying to advertise on amazon prime who knows totally well actually it's quick known on linkedin by the way um they just opened up finally a live streaming feature like just with a matter of like a few weeks ago they're still in beta testing after all this time yeah you know the video was capable in very simplified forms but yeah if your audience is on linkedin like you know twitter pinterest you know all of these platforms cater and are adapting their features to favorite video more um some are a little bit late to the game like linkedin with live streaming like we're doing now on on youtube and other platforms but um yeah understand where your audience is and quickly as quickly as possible create videos to show up on that platform even if it starts as simple as a live stream like this like i'm i'm using my webcam um regardless of being a professional you know creator for years um and it's just kind of like based on your circumstance if you can't always use professional camera use the best one you have on you and just still be willing to put out a message um and then when you're ready hire a trusted video agency partner who understands digital advertising but also the creative side of video creation like that we talked about today to help build out a strategy customize a strategy for you uh do the production uh and then help you promote that content to get seen heard and really help you stand out profitably from the crowded marketplace that's online and and that's what we do at video supply you can go to and learn more about what it looks like to work with us uh apply to schedule a free strategy call with our team and we can figure out for a good fit to work together definitely you know on that note i'm going to start playing some outro music here oh yeah

yeah yeah but uh no thanks for joining today guys i think we can wrap it up here and uh yeah definitely go to our site utilize uh utilize our resources schedule a strategy call we'll uh we'd love to talk to you and uh you know we can uh can hear from us soon we'll have another episode plan another another one next week so all right stay tuned yeah thanks so much




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