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welcome to the video supply show where we talk about all things video to help you grow your business using the power of video we got josh crandall on our creative director what's up josh how are you doing how are you doing i'm doing good i'm good how are you guys doing good well hey so we are going to talk about how to more easily sell your digital products in your business uh using power video so we're talking to you course creators consultants authors coaches all expert brands those who sell their knowledge uh through their business and uh and to do this you know really we've we've worked with dozens and dozens of course creators um directly through our our video agency to help them uh build create and then launch uh their digital products to the world uh and a lot of times we find it's always best to use video from step one with building your digital products especially online courses um but in order to grow and scale the results of your online course you need to invest in someone who understands advertising and that's what we're going to talk about because we understand what it looks like to build a strategy that works then implement that strategy through the videos you create and then launch it um and uh and so in order to really create these scroll stopping video campaigns and generate millions of views and sells which is what we've done for our clients uh you need to recognize that uh kind of where you're at in your business uh so there's a lot of course creators course creators out there consultants um but to invest particularly in an agency but to invest in video in any form uh it comes kind of in three different levels i would say uh the first level is more the diy route um and this is where a lot of course creators begin is that you diy your videos whether from your phone uh like we're doing here on instagram live or you do it through your webcam or maybe you have a photography camera um as well to do that from um but that that's really the first level um and and learning those simple skills and realizing that done is better than perfect and that uh you kind of you pre-launch uh you pre-launched to your audience uh using the tools you currently have it helps save you save time and money on the resources but uh it also helps you get your digital product out there to the world and then the next level is done with you uh so that's when you have a consultant maybe you buy another online course on video advertising about how your videos

and then the next level is done for you uh and so that's working with an agency where you don't have to worry about a thing and they don't all the way up for you and make your videos amazing

and along each step with ernie um we've helped you know with video supply but we've helped with that um just recently josh like we're wrapping up work with uh the first launch of an author slash expert knowledge business owner his name's um dr elini and uh we helped him pre-sell uh a brand new course

you know we're still kind of we're doing the challenge of kobit right now from afar we can sort it and help them launch this course

uh and so that's pretty crazy it's pretty crazy you can do that with the tools

and uh so josh what else have you seen as far as like diy goes yeah for people just starting out as a course creator um what are tools out there that people can use to make those videos work better and look better better all those amazing things

that's a good question um i think i think there's a lot that you can do to really step up the game and i think first and foremost is knowledge uh or an understanding of of the systems that you're going to be using you know audio and video i think having a solid education and understanding about at least a few components is really going to tee you up for success uh in doing just that and um you know i and there's there's really a lot that you can get away with too i mean uh there's there is a reason why hollywood exists and and how it has so much money to be able to invest in the perfect camera and the perfect lighting the perfect crew you know hundreds and hundreds of people to gather you know a few shots of video but there's so much that you can get away with and the tools that are now in our hands that can make things so incredibly simple uh are just amazing so um any even just uh you know some of the resources are like you know like i said obviously your knowledge of video creation is going to be a big one and just sometimes that and that entails just investing some time on your phone uh utilizing those phone cameras and realizing that there's power there uh especially these new ones man like with new phone every new phone update you know it gets a better camera uh but then also with those cameras too it's like yeah right every single year there's gonna be updates and everything's gonna get better every single year but you know it's probably for the last like honestly 10 years uh the tools are so affordable to us to create yeah good looking videos you know it's been this way for ten years exactly and then and then you know there's there's stuff beyond that so obviously your knowledge and then the tools right so you can use you can easily use your phone i mean the phone is this smartphone is such an amazing tool where you can script from it you can you know read a script you can film everything you can even edit everything you can distribute so i mean phone is a powerful thing you know step up from that is your computer obviously it's got a webcam there too but then it's usually you know using natural light uh around you is one thing that you can you can get away with uh you know not having a professional light dallin if you're looking at his image right now you can see he's being wrapped very nicely with some very soft lights and that's just a big large window source yeah wrapped with a nice hug from like yeah yeah and i was there with alan and uh and have been in that room and it's just it's just a big solid window you know so it's uh you know using surroundings to your advantage uh you know dallin has moved himself away from that wall that you see behind him and that's giving him some depth there's just some tricks of the trade there that you can use um but but just like down said like dunn is better than perfect um i was recently watching uh a course that someone had filmed on my website i just thought i thought you said dallin is better than perfect and i was i was cut up on that i was like well that's not true but but i like to hear it done done is better than perfect yeah for sure yeah done yeah yeah and and the uh the credibility for this uh course creator is already there you're already coming to them invested with your interest right so they don't necessarily need to sell be uh or they don't need to sell you on having such a professional image though it is nice to have but uh you're coming to them uh so that they can feed you that knowledge that is the the main that's that is the core thing there and so the tools are there for you to use you just need to implement uh but there's those are some ideas hope that kind of helps expand the mindset around you know what's available to you immediately you know it's the things you've already purchased to run your business or run your business or answer emails or whatever it is yeah well and i'm a huge believer and it's easier said than done because you know josh and i are as much scientists behind video meaning like we care about the data and the advertising as much as we are artists you know we love a pretty picture because it gives us a sense of like artistry and creation and we love being creators that way um but really uh the

the best camera you have to use is the one you have on you and that's usually your phone or your computer and so there's no logging an excuse we can use to not creating videos in overall but let alone particularly for our courses because people are ultimately paying for the transformation that your knowledge provides them versus for the videos themselves the videos are just one piece of the overall puzzle but understanding how to craft um a powerful message first or foremost which comes down to everything that happens before you even hit record uh and then putting that message that powerful message inside of a marketing plan and then once you do that then your videos will work far more powerfully no matter if you're using a phone a cinematic camera and uh and that's that's one thing we love walking people through with video supply is that it really breaks down to those three phases of messaging first then marketing than the medium like video and so when you can focus on those three pieces as a course creator and knowledge based business owner uh it becomes far more powerful and then you can utilize your phone and that personal brand that that human side of your business to really connect with your audience and uh and really with your knowledge business uh it really deserves because you are an expert as a course creator and consultant your knowledge business does deserve that attention and the engagement and the revenue to really grow uh in order to really do that and easily sell your products online uh you have that opportunity to increase customer confidence by showing up consistently and creating this content putting yourself on video uh but you can also avoid you know regardless of us offering a done free service agency that includes cinematic video creation

you can avoid all that complication uh i mean yeah regardless of that it comes down to just creating videos simply so you can focus on the video gear you can do the software all that diy stuff um but it all is just dependent on like what level of business are you are you ready to make those different levels of investments diy in it learning your life or accelerating your growth faster by investing in agency lights

and many businesses especially yours uh really demands a high level of content high demand of content people want that message people want the information in order to transform their own lives from their own business and so um understanding that video is essential and i think people know that like that goes without saying nowadays in business is video is essential to you so what would you say so josh with with these court with course creators you know and these knowledge-based business owners what what types of videos can they create

yeah that's a that's a good question and it's um like you're saying i'll kind of i'll kind of go back a little bit to what you're saying like the diying and stuff uh you know it's great if you want to save a little bit of money um and then but man like you can you can you can get sucked down a rabbit hole really fast on youtube and like you know trying to learn everything and then and then there's putting it into practice right and then you got to figure out wow that worked or wow that didn't work right um so what kind of videos uh like there's so much that goes into like trying to figure out yourself but if you really are invested in your business and it's something that's up and going you may not have time to invest there so yeah like investing in an agency is is a really good idea because we bring all that stuff that you would otherwise be learning online to you uh and and is going on in the background so you don't have to worry about it um but yeah really uh with with the type of videos that we create with our uh clients um the types of videos are things like uh obviously there's advertising you can advertise your product online then there's um uh there's sales funnels right so how can you direct your or how can you bring a potential client on your journey or a buyer on your journey uh how do you help them get to know you get to trust you and then ultimately make a you know purchase from you or break that make that sale um and so you know whether it's advertising a product whether it is a sales funnel um advertisement uh training videos i mean there's there's just it's almost limitless to what you can do and then also repurposing that right and so uh repurpose those to whatever platform that your viewers are going to be on and so um so many many many types of videos uh and and you know within those it's like how are you going to tell that story too right is is your advertisement going to be you as a talking head or is it going to be a story right are you going to show you know a family together and is it going to pull on somebody's heart strings or something you know so there's so many different ways that you can utilize that to uh to your advantage while you're you know running your business totally it and it comes down to within that too josh painted it so nicely there's that journey that your customers go on uh whether they are learning about you for the first time in an ad on social media or just through free content you're putting out there to the point that they are wanting to learn more and being guided to with a new type of message as they grow to fall in love with you and your brand and the story you tell to then bind your online course or your coaching program your membership um by showing that they trust you when they pay you this is a journey of different types of messages for different types of people because a lot of times in this first phase where they're getting to know you what you have the opportunity to do especially as an expert brand like you is you have the opportunity to communicate and talk about the problems they're experiencing in their life so clearly that they're like oh my gosh yes i do have that problem they become more problem aware so that way as they see that you understand their problem more clearly they can also understand that you probably have the solution because they can you know their problem and then you can help them become solution aware so when they become problem aware and solution aware then it becomes far much more easier to sell them and they're more warmed up to this idea of buying your online course or your coaching program and they'll go and visit your sales page they'll go watch your webinar they'll watch your video series they'll join your facebook group uh they'll go and follow you and be a subscriber because they'll want to learn more about what that solution looks like and so when they step into your online course and you have those product related videos inside your online course then what you're helping them do is solve that problem with the solution that's included right in your product but then what you have the opportunity to do is further uh improve their experience and transform their life in business depending on the you know the digital product that you you are selling um by offering them the ultimate heroes journey and what that looks like you know uh you think of your favorite movie uh out there um out there josh and i were just talking before we went live uh i i often play soundtrack music when i work throughout the day so i've got like the hobbit you know shire music in the background and my my my like i'm in this really fun focus zone um but you think of that movie lord of the rings it's the perfect hero's journey here you have uh we'll talk about the rings right with frodo you know he's invited by this guide of gandalf on this journey to improve his life but also to solve a bigger world problem as well um what you have the opportunity to do with your customers with you being the guy to them as the hero is that you can invite them into the story about them and uh and you can do that with the power of your own story because oftentimes course creators or coaches those who sell their knowledge um you often know your best case study before you went off and built a course around it and so you are selling with your story and you could do that through walking people through um hey like kind of like a parent would to a child how can i remove roadblocks that will get in your way of success uh here's this plan you can follow and you can present this to them through the content and videos out there and that built in becomes a big part of your ability to plan videos or um the message you put out in social media to the messages that exist as webinars or video series or video sells messages on your sales page to then of course inside of your program where you break down your online course for your coaching program um guiding them from step one to step done on that journey they need to follow from the moment you know kind of like frodo from the moment he learns that this ring is powerful and evil and needs to be destroyed to the point of actually destroying it and completing that quest and you're going to help clients and your customers be this hero to the story about them by guiding them from that that first step to that finished step of being successful and it is a big part of that is getting clear on what exactly do your customers want uh and what is that problem and that solution that you can present to them and that will help clarify your message that will help build out your marketing plan and that will help you develop video content video that will guide them on the perfect hero's journey

so that's uh that's really where the power of video fits inside of your knowledge business as a course creator consultant and coach is your ability to guide your customers from this the point of being in pain and experiencing a problem to resolving that problem and having a solution and it has informed experience at the end and online courses i believe i believe is one of the best ways to take people on that transformation and the amazing part about online courses is that in them um 99 of the content inside of on courses is video and you have the opportunity to use video to guide these customers and help them be successful

definitely uh i i'll guess i'll just disclose this now but uh one of my nicknames in high school was frodo down so i don't know what is it because you're hairy feet yeah yeah no somebody thought somebody started calling me zorro and then somebody thought they said frodo and said more than zorro that was interesting yeah that's a weird comeback so you were a hobbit with like a zoro mask on you know riding a horse yeah that's it was a very it was a bigger hero story than either of those guys could have written so um but yeah no i think i think to add to that talent is uh is you know start now too i mean like start making your videos just like uh you know to to if you're a if you're a consultant if you're an author a coach uh you know a teacher don't hesitate to start uh you know putting things into practice and and you know stepping into the realm of of online or video content creation because it's only going to it's only going to help you out it's only going to build you uh up as a brand or as a as an influencer in your realm um anything that you do to step in there is is going to help you know and uh on there's a lot of resources that you can go to and download you can get there and you can uh you can download them you can you can do some research on our platform uh but then also you can you can schedule a call to talk to us we can have a strategy session with you and uh and you can apply to work with us um we'll we'll help help you to to set some goals and to brainstorm and see if we're a good fit to work with as an agency um but we can really help you kick start that that uh that business to yours and really help you get the the visual uh presence that you need online uh to collect leads uh for your business so yeah yeah and really help them transform it and josh used you know the word realm appropriately not only because that relates to the fantasy world of uh but but it relates to your business like if you think of your business like you're working within this realm like this world where you have different types of of characters um your customers embody different types of characters and they all are at different steps of their journey and understanding where exactly they're at and using the right message to guide them to that next level they need to go to that next level to eventually buying your product and then going through that ultimate transformation inside of your online course and program uh that's where our understanding lies uh here with our framework at video supply in our agency and we can guide you to success um and be your gandalf to you guys being frodo or whatever character you know um you think of yourself as uh but but a true hero to your business um so that way you can then be a guide to the customers who need the message and need the knowledge that you have to share so you go to forward slash experts um to get access to uh this information you need for course creators coaches consultants expert based brands who can use the power of video to grow and scale your business uh we've worked with many amazing clients uh and yeah and you can even see the results we got for them on that page um and and even watch a quick uh mini workshop that teaches you more about our framework uh and how you can get started using the power of video in your business so video supply dot com forward slash experts uh thanks for watching uh this episode uh make sure to tune in again next week uh we'll be doing this live every week all to help you grow your business using the power of video so thanks

thanks john and everyone go watch lord of the rings i know i'm going to do that here shortly so yeah in a while start with the hobbit start with the hobbit and then go from there i'm a huge hobbit lord rings buff love them



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