Video Marketing Secrets For Pinterest

Video marketers are finding that Pinterest is a best-kept secret.

Pinterest is a social site where you can collect and share images of anything you find interesting. It offers a wide range of content, including recipes, home décor, makeup tutorials, DIY projects, and more. Think of Pinterest as a virtual pinboard or bulletin board, but with organizational and bookmarking tools. Pinterest created a new video feature that permitted users to watch native videos on the explore page in 2016.

Pinterest Video Types

There are two main types of video posts you can create on Pinterest to advertise your business: paid and organic posts. Many businesses use Pinterest’s paid video posts to showcase their brands. Organic video posts are when you pin video content the old-fashioned way. Pinterest video ads can give you almost immediate results whereas organic posts have no set engagement window to become popular. If you would like more information on Pinterest video production then check out this article

Pinterest Video Benefits
Video content is more popular

Pinterest users prefer to see videos rather than the normal posted pictures. Video content on Pinterest is a great tool for driving valuable interaction with your brand. Not only are videos preferred but they also are more likely to cause your audience to take action. By making videos, you’ll get more followers while also increasing your sales. If you need help getting started making videos, check out this article

Videos receive prime placement

Pinterest’s algorithm prioritizes video content over all other forms of media. This is to give its video tools a boost and reward businesses that use them since it is a newer feature. The first content that surfaces in search results is relevant video content. So, just by using videos to market your business, you’ll have a leg up on other content creators.

Pinterest Video Specs

Pinterest might not be the first social media platform that springs to mind, but it is incredibly popular, particularly for creative audiences. Not only is the platform very engaging and easy to use, but the video specifications are also very straightforward.

Pinterest Ad Specs Overview
  • Video file types: .mp4, .mov, and .m4v
  • Aspect ratios: 1:1, 2:3, or 9:16. Remember – any Pins that exceed a ratio of 2:4.2 will get cut off in users’ feeds
  • Video length: can range from 4 seconds to 15 minutes long
  • Video size: can be up to 2GB in size
Square Videos

One style of video advert that you can share on Pinterest is the square. This is a 600 x 600 pixel clip with a 1:1 aspect ratio. The maximum length can be no more than thirty minutes, while the maximum file size is 2GB.

Vertical Videos

For vertical videos, the recommended pixel size is 600 x 900 and an aspect ratio of 9:16. As with the square option, the maximum file size is 2GB, and videos cannot exceed thirty minutes.

Use Video to Engage Your Audience
Make it actionable

As with most content on Pinterest, the best video pins give the viewer new, useful information. From the second your viewers start watching your video, you want them to be interested enough to watch the entire thing. Think about how you can create branded video that teaches your audience something or inspires them to try something new. Have a clear hook in the first few seconds of the video.

Keep it short

Pinterest recommends keeping organic posts between 15 seconds to 1 minute long and video ads between 6 to 15 seconds long. You need to make sure you make every second count! The best way to do this is to keep to one main message. If you have a lot of content to share, split them up into many shorter pins.

Don’t rely on audio

Most Pinterest users scroll through without their audio turned on. Therefore, your video content shouldn’t rely on sound to tell a story. If you need words to get your point across then be sure to include subtitles. Try to keep your visuals strong so text stays minimal.

Include relevant titles and post copy

Your titles and post copy can help you optimize the video for search so more people discover your content. Make sure they are clear and descriptive. The more details and relevant hashtags in the description copy the better. Don’t forget to make them interesting to grab the audience’s attention.

Measure Your Pins Success

It’s important to get a good grasp of how your videos are performing. By doing this you’ll get a sense of what resonates with your audience and what’s less successful. Be sure to track your video views, saves and link clicks. The total watch time is also important, the total amount of time users spent watching your video. If you are not sure what your audience is looking for, check out this article.

Video marketers are finding that Pinterest is a best-kept secret. Videos are prioritized on Pinterest’s platform so they are more likely to reach a wider audience. When making a video for Pinterest, make sure it’s short, don’t rely on audio, and use text overlays and bold graphics to tell your viewers what your video is all about.