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3 Things To Know Before You Hire A Video Production Agency

Josh Crandall

When you are looking to hire a video production agency, you might not have an idea of what to expect, what to ask for, best pricing options, etc.

Here at Video Supply, we focus on making the process of working together as easy as possible.

To feel confident and excited with choosing your next marketing and business partner in a video advertising company then consider the following 3 things to remember.

Most people and brands struggle to get the visibility and attention they need to stand out and grow their business. Often, this makes them feel overwhelmed as they try to do all the things to grow a business that matters while serving their audience with great products and a powerful message.

It's difficult to be successful with video without a clear plan and knowledge about how video, marketing, and messaging actually works to attract and genuinely sell an audience of buyers.

Josh Crandall, Dallin Nead, and other guest experts explore many actionable tips, strategies, and behind-the-scenes secrets from their most successful video marketing campaigns inside the Video Supply™ Agency — all to help you grow a brand that people love using the power of video.

Topics include creativity, messaging, scripting, marketing, gear, film production, editing, and many more stories and strategies in between!

At Video Supply, we teach you everything you need to know to grow your business with video —

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Josh Crandall


welcome everyone to the video marketing made easy podcast where we believe that uh video is the most powerful way to monetize your message stand out in the market and grow your business i'm josh crandall and we're joined today with talon need what's up everyone in this pod hey yeah so in this podcast we talk about practical strategies to grow your business with video so if you struggle with growing your audience and getting the word out about your podcast oh my i do that every time your product or service we're here to help so uh in this in this week we're going to be talking about three things to know before you hire a video production agency um we'll be talking about uh and those three things that we're gonna be talking about we're gonna get into are um their marketing expertise so how's their messaging do they do proper research about about your customers um number two is passion for growth and number three is proven results so let's let's dive right in dive in yeah well you know it goes without saying like check out our shirts by the way josh is wearing a video supply shirt super branded right for video supply dot com i'm josh so for those who don't know he's the creative director he runs our video advertising agency um i hired him uh it's been about six months now um and so he runs shop over there and then funny enough and this is unplanned by the way but i've got on a content supply t-shirt which is um our main business our main brand um and but what we're talking about here is with the focus on what josh does and what i have helped build inside of the video supply agency and so for those of you who are in business which is a lot of you visionary entrepreneurs here

who are looking to grow your business with video and maybe you've done some diy in the past but now you are looking to really invest in an agency that you can trust someone to do all of the video marketing for you we're going to talk about that but we're also like josh mentioned we're going to talk about some of the main things you should look for when it comes to hiring the right agency for you um so that's that way it's the best fit and so i'm gonna jump into this um this first piece and we talk about marketing expertise you know it's amazing uh they're it's be so easy to create videos nowadays i mean literally you can go and create an ad on your phone and have it do pretty well there's been feature films filmed from iphones there's been um

there's been feature films done from photography cameras you know there's really a breath of uh of content that's created and it's become more simplified and so what we see now though is this um is the fact that people can have the tools and do video pretty easily and simply um but it becomes just the artist side of the the video making versus the also science side and the science side comes down to marketing so if you go to hire a video a videographer you know maybe your friend next door uh and um you expect them to grow your business like this video is gonna completely explode my business um you may be up for some disappointment because a big mistake that people make is feeling like they can trust um a videographer solely to to grow their business versus a video marketer and so the focus on marketing expertise is so essential because video is just one essential piece of your entire marketing plan so if you don't have a marketing plan that is set up and working then any kind of videos let alone any kind of content you go to create will not really work to help you grow your business and so a big focus that we put on as far as developing out a custom strategy for every single client and every person we bring through our programs is this focus on message clarity knowing how to talk about what you do and why you do it um research around your customers around the market around your product what's being sold so that way it becomes so easy to then script and plan out the content the video content that then is created but again if you don't have a solid marketing plan set up um and that expertise in place then uh if you go to hire an agency and they don't have that proper marketing expertise in place then you're gonna be thrown out and wasting a lot of money a lot of time a lot of energy trying to do all that work for the agency um or finding that your videos will not end up working because they're not fitting into a larger marketing plan definitely and if you're talking about video and using it in your marketing strategy i mean there's so much that goes into that you know the video is just a vehicle for growth but you need to make sure that you are using that in the right way you're using it in the right framework uh and plan for your own uh you know growth in your business so you know we talk about video being the most powerful way to monetize your message yes that's very true but is it right for every single scenario you know or is it right to grow your business in the most powerful way well you can't put a video in a popular magazine right you can't put a video in a newspaper you know if those are your best things and seldom it is anymore but like um if those are the best ways to get things done you know marketing uh you know our video production agency probably should be able to tell you like oh hey you know we can do videos here we can use it here and here um you know we'll use pictures in this in this spot right you know we'll take stills from your video and throw them here um so just you know a wider a wider view than just you know creating a video itself is how it's going to be used to achieve your goals right to to reach your purpose and um and so before you hire that video production agency you really need to know marketing and how that fits in with everything because that's where you're gonna have the most impact and and even like beyond that is you know so you're at the right platform um but then how to package it the right way right totally yeah and so you know it all is part of the the grander uh you know scales look at the the big vision so totally you said that so well one thing i love about this too is when you place video inside of your marketing strategy um you'll recognize that it is such a powerful vehicle for growth in your business um but oftentimes what a lot of businesses don't um don't understand um is that whether they're asking for a viral video or they expect their one video ad to make x amount of sales one that's really hard to predict um and one thing we definitely focus on is we want to 10x your investment with us and so that's usually um what we guarantee and work out with people is like you invest this and we expect you to generate at least this and more especially like over the next few months let alone the months and years to come because a lot of the the video supply that we create for you you know it's a supply video content allows you to really stand out and profit for your next launch but also for again those years to come for your business growth and oftentimes if you find that your video is not working um to make you money and to generate those cells it's because you're lacking that fit inside of your marketing and you're particularly lacking a sales system this is one of the biggest pieces because a cell system really speaks to as does the marketing plan that we help you optimize and set up further um it really speaks to three stages of your customer experience um the moment that they learn about you for the first time so where you're capturing their attention to then taking that next step and becoming a new new lead in your business to then becoming a cell and then the video is going to capture that attention right get them to your website get them to your sales page but then if you don't have a way to guide that lead that prospect from that step in their journey to then hopping on a sales call or buying your product and doing so in an automated yet very human way then any kind of attention you may get and traffic you may get from your video content may just be um like a funnel that you're funneling through but just with tons of holes in it and you're losing all of these leads because you don't have a solid cell system in place and so yeah again if you find your videos are not working you should look to fix your cell system first and then you should look to fix any messaging or scripting decisions next as well because at the end of the day we want these videos to empower your business growth and to make you more sales and they can do that as long as you have a solid cell system in place to um be ready for the large amount of attention that videos can and do create for you definitely and and you know and and we're talking about this so extensively there's so many aspects of this you know we're talking about um you know creating videos and marketing plans and and sales funnels and all this stuff and you really have to realize that video you don't shoot the video until after you've got that plan in place and a good and a good and a good agency is going to understand that uh is that you need to have so many pieces in place uh it needs to be part of a large plan to execute uh you know before you actually hit record on on your on your camera that's if you can get it all planned out you know we do pre-production with every video production but your pre-production with an agency is going to include you know how does this fit in with everything else um and the more you can do that the more simple your video is going to be and the the more successful it's going to be because it's going to actually provide those results it's going to hit all the marks that you need it to and it's going to help to grow your business because it's it's now you know been done the right way and you'll have a lot of um i've worked with a lot of uh large marketing agencies um that have video as a portion of their agency um and they really can do things right because they know that all that framework has to be in place before they even record anything because um otherwise how are they gonna grow right when it comes to after you know after the fact so after they've put the video out then you know their their analytics team goes to work and they say all right here's where you're you know here's where your most hits were here's what the most clicks were you know this got shared you know x number of times and and you can really see that um they've really taken the time to to plan things out from the beginning to get the results you want to grow your business so um video just fits right in you know in the middle of all that and and you know helps to drive all of that you know what's really fun too is that um if anything you stand out as a video production agency and i use a video production agency or company lightly because at the end of the day for the ones who brand themselves correctly you know video supply we call ourselves a video advertising agency because we advertise we market and we have that knowledge so it's as much a video agency as as it is a marketing and advertising agency you know the perfect marriage of the two is essential um and it's not just a person with a camera showing up to get a pretty image um because you find that a phone camera or something with bad lighting can sometimes get better results and performance than the most cinematic video that you have created out there granted you know you you look at you know my camera setup you know josh um has a great camera too you know webcam going on but you know you get this depth of field this blurry background it looks more cinematic and it does stand out visually but then that next step is the messaging and messaging is the foundation to your marketing and so we we talk about so again these three essential items you need to consider when you want to hire what we'll change it now a video advertising agency um is that advertising and marketing knowledge uh the next piece is making sure this business partner that you look to hire in this company this you know this video company has a passion for growth and the reason why we say this is because one of the first questions we ask when someone joins us on uh a discovery call technically you know it's a sales call figuring out for a good fit to work together um i've done probably dozens if not hundreds of these calls uh to this point and and josh um develops the strategy and you know we have salespeople who do this too but one of the first questions you ask is what do you want these videos to do for your business what will success look like for your business really the first question has nothing to do with the video at all or what message is going to be in the video um what kind of marketing uh budget may be going to the video for ad spend it's all about like what will this video do for your business like what are your goals what's your vision because when you get people to really talk about and paint that picture uh for that next level growth that they want and that attention then it really gets them excited and then what you can do is just get them to guide you on this journey that they want their business to go on and then you can identify we identify in these calls and these interactions with our clients whether video supply can work for them you know it does work as as general as it sounds video supply works for any type of of business or industry with the caveat that again you need to have your messaging clear your marketing set up although we do help you optimize those further in order for your videos to work you want to make sure videos work that your product and services are proven to sell and that people are ready to buy them otherwise you need to fix that first um you know we can't use video to sell a product or service that people don't actually want to pay for um and so this element of passion for growth is this investment that we are partnering up with you as a video advertising company to want to grow your business as much as you help us grow our business with being a client with us and so it's a win-win relationship but that passion for your growth comes down to being like well hey our goals through the course of working together are your goals for success because if we can't put a passion for your growth then um one we can't help you get the return on investment that you know you want and you deserve and that your your products and services really need and then two um we are not delivering on our end of the conversation and of our promise and so um we really invest in having a passion for what your product or service is and how you are showing up in the world to help the people you're meant to serve yes and how do you you know i ask the question you can answer it too but i'm going to kind of go into it but how what does a passion for growth look like when you start working with an agency you know and and i think some of that comes down to um you're gonna find somebody who's a good guide for you um if you if you've had this you know video in your mind that you think is gonna be extremely successful um i think you should be ready to hear some pushback um some potentially on um on exactly what it is you know i think that a good agency is going to come to you and say hey here's what works in here so it doesn't uh and really you can uh if if the agents can you know really has their act together they're gonna help you focus on the parts that are gonna work uh maybe pieces you need to throw out and then you know offer you the suggestions uh that going to really take the video through to be successful in growing your business so i think that uh you know that passion for growth that they have for your growth they'll be able to step in and act as that that guide of that compass right they're going to set that needle in the right direction um and and maybe sometimes tell you no i think that's a terrible idea because here's why you know you know they'll be able to

like that passion for growth um is really what's gonna you know bring you aboard to be successful um i don't know what do you think down what do you think is a good indicator that they have a good passion for growth yeah that's a great question it really comes down to that uh i mean i'm someone who is if i'm not interested in doing something out of a passion for it then it's hard for me to hide having a passion for it so like for example you know um we have a lot of our clients are often um knowledge based expert-based business owners who sell digital products and programs masterminds courses um and then we consult with other types of industries as well but those who are make it their mission in their business to change people's personal and professional lives through the way they think through the way that they implement proven frameworks that are often done through online programs and consulting opportunities um there's a lot to be passionate about there because you know as far as people saying like i want my business to change the world well why not change the world one person at a time by helping them have a quick win and that quick win is implementing something that helps them solve a problem you know obviously every product service out there that is selling and being successful solves a problem but um we need to be able to have that passion for growth by having a passion for the brand and their mission and what their products and services do and uh and so i i think that's an incredible piece to have as far as looking for hiring and trusting a video advertising partner to help you grow your business and so that leads us to the third thing you should look for when hiring a video production company is having proven results so we pride ourselves in the results that we've gotten for a large amount of different types of clients from different backgrounds even different industries because um you know josh you know you can speak to this too from his own experience i've come from working in narrative filmmaking to corporate uh production i worked for multiple cruise lines and and traveled the world and interacted with a large variety of different marketing campaigns and teams to then doing also broadcast and so i have a breadth of knowledge pulled into applying what video supply can do for your business and the results that we generated speak for themselves this comes in the form of monetary you know how many cells you make how much revenue you generate but also the amount of lives you can impact as well so it's a mix of the revenue growth but also the impact growth of your business and you can even go to go down throughout the page learn about some of our customers and you can see the kind of results and see hey they are like they have a business like mine um so i can trust video supply to help me have similar results and you should always we'll say like fact check or results check your um your potential partner your business partner by way of a video advertising agency um by how successful they've been with other clients like you um and that's where the trust and the confidence will come in when you say yes let's do this let's work together i cannot wait and that's where you know a lot of our clients that we've worked with their excitement with working with us is built out of this recognition of these three elements that oh my gosh they have proven results they've done this successfully for other clients using their video supply framework they have a passion for my growth you know we are identifying what our goals are together that we can work towards and they're coming in and speaking marketing language coming in with a marketing expertise to guide up me to success knowing that it will be a vehicle for growth um josh what else have you seen with um using proven results as a key way to to trust in an agency uh well i think looking back at myself and where i started with video and why i think a lot of people start with video anyways because they want to tell a story and who are they telling that story to right and that that end result is they want to create something that somebody else is going to see and and you know sometimes sometimes the video's purpose is to land with a certain just few select people but i think in today's day and age we want to get as many people as possible we don't get as many eyes on our stuff as possible um and so for me as a video creator here's where i'm going with this is me as a video creator creating videos and putting them out there you can get a fantastic image and it can look super cinematic it can look great you put it out in the world and you're only getting a few views it kind of it kind of diminishes the the success factor that you can feel right you're like wow wow i wish i wish more people would have seen this right um and so for myself and working with clients it's been it's been kind of that way like you can you can make your your uh client really happy by giving them a really good looking video and they can share that video but what about one that that you know is 10x the times of views that um it would have initially gotten so you know having this these marketing plans in place um and knowing where to fit video so it so it really you know hits the mark right uh that's what's going to be the big difference um and so for for an agency to come in and to change things maybe in an unexpected way in the goal to get the most results from your video is going to be um you know majorly impactful i think that um you know they're going to be looking at this through the lens of all right i'm going to be doing these analytics later i'm going to be looking at this on facebook instagram you know whatever it is whatever your platforms are could be linkedin it could be tick tock but they're going to look at these analytics and say you know what is the best way to get us to this you know goal and it could be adjusting the initial vision to get there so i think that um you know that desire is there you just gotta make sure that the the road that you pave is gonna be the the the most efficient way to get to that goal so exactly um well and along that process too is trusting in a team that's dedicated to your success um and we're a big believer in this and we find that um the companies um that you end up not hiring again or um not having you know not the best experience with are the ones that usually have a poor product or service delivery process um maybe a lack of a communication plan um with you as a client um to then obviously not delivering on the results or all the all the clear expectations set beforehand that's our plan that we present with you is that we do our best as we bring you in as an agency to give you the best experience from the first step to the finishing step of delivering content and helping you promote it in a way that helps you stand out and profit through the process and in doing that you need to have a dedicated team who's available to you and easy to communicate with and who can help track your performance um of of the work that they're doing for you and so if any if anything else this is kind of like i would say here's like a fourth kind of bonus um to some of the essentials you should look for in a video advertising partner is having a solid service delivery system and team available to you and when you can you know you're not always going to be able to see that from some of the first calls or the first steps and working together but you'll quickly get that confidence as you get enrolled in their services program is you'll find that hey this is really efficient i have all my questions answered i have all resources available to me including team members humans to certain software's um and other knowledge along the way and a key part of this is you haven't available to you but it doesn't mean you have to use them so what do i mean by that it means that as a video advertising partner right this business partner we want to make the process as hands off to you as possible because at the end of the day as a business owner or a marketing lead our goal is to make the processes easy and simple for you but do so in a way that it frees up your time so you can focus on other brand building opportunities and activities that are worth your time and then trust us to help grow the attention-getting side of your business right the traffic generation to then the lead generation to then the sales generation side all fitting within of your market and within your marketing plan and so that's that's kind of like a bonus piece yeah help you trust in a partner yeah and i think you know and not to say that uh you know you'll be completely hands off initially you know but you do want to be able to be hands off and trust that that team is going to do that work for you i think there's there's a lot to say like my experience was working with agencies um having a good dedicate dedicated subject matter expert to them to be able to guide them to that process like they should be digging super deep last last week i talked about uh digging for opals and digging like a badger right these uh these agencies should come to you and really dig like a badger they should really find out what is your mission they should really understand it they should really you know wrap their minds around everything that you do and in that point in time i think they're going to be you should be heavily invested in them and you know helping them set that needle on that compass but yeah like when it gets there you should have the confidence in the team you know as a bonus like you're saying is to be able to take that um through full execution right um have that have that follow through so that everything you know is is sent on its way the best possible way so completely well and that's again what we pride ourselves in at video supply to help you do video supply is our video advertising company that helps online entrepreneurs and brands grow their dream business using the power of video and you can do that by following a proven plan and that proven plan is video supply um and so you can learn more go to learn all about um the customers we work with who do often look just like you uh and are in a similar point in their business and we're able to level up and hit their goals in working with us as well as our our framework and on you know it's a full page that guides you through three plans that we provide to you to help you be successful using video uh we have the video supply basic plan the growth plan and the pro plan and they're all customized to maybe your available video advertising budget um whether you want a diy using our proven plan or you want to do it with us or have it all done for you uh and so we uh we are presenting more about this program um the video supply program um that is coming your way soon in early june um by way of our documentary series so our documentary series uh it's a five-part series called visionaries from invisible to unforgettable um and you go to series to learn a little bit more about that and to get your free ticket and in this series we're going to present the five shifts that you need to make to go from invisible to unforgettable using content using video using your message and then by the end of those series we'll invite you to join in the video supply program and find the plan that works best for you so you can check more about that it's all at provides all the information for you but yeah thanks for tuning in josh is a rock star he's running video supply our agency doing amazing work for all of our clients um and we're here to help you on your business your brand building journey um and uh we'll see you on see you in the next episode awesome thanks dawn


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Dallin believes in putting family and God first.

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He helps brands create authentic, results-driven media so they can share their message and vision with the world.

He helps brands clarify, create, and communicate their vision for a happier, more meaningful life, business, and community.

He consults with small and large companies including Princess Cruises, U.S. Marine Corp, Teachable and many others.


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