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Aerospace Engineer Turned Serial Entrepreneur with Anthony Moto

Anthony Moto

Anthony Moto is a former Aerospace Engineer turned Serial Entrepreneur. He now focuses on everything from digital marketing to brand building and storytelling.

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Anthony Moto


the real story goes back to the hero's journey where the customer is the hero that hero has a problem that problem is triggered by something and then along this journey that hero meets a guide that gives them the plan that plan is to help them overcome the quests to get the end result which is to be the hero to bring it back into marketing your customer is the hero that's the story you need to tell it just so happens that in this internet marketing space people think that that story is about them

welcome to the content supply podcast I'm Dallin need and each episode we bring you an inspiring brand creator or message to help you discover how you can experience success in your business as we unpack stories and strategies about all things content and growing a successful brand so this is just a hole discovery process for all of us we feature a variety different brands on the show from entrepreneurs entertainers copywriters marketers coaches athletes to designers filmmakers photographers and many more all brand owners all creators so it's my belief as with many others that every company is a Content company and has to be one to stay relevant and competitive because let's be honest the internet is so full of brands that it can be very easy to get lost in the crowd so quality and effective content really separates you that's why content supply was created to supply brands with ongoing custom content so they can engage with their customers by providing value telling stories and making more sales and when we say content I'm talking about video and audio and written or image all and everything in between all those content creation and building a business is really hard you never finish the building and creating even after you experience some success you have to keep going on in the journey content supply was created to be resource a community and a solution to fill that large gap of content so thanks for joining the show now let's get to the interview Anthony moto is an aerospace engineer turned digital marketer or seer entrepreneur he's got one heck of a story that I believe you'll find some inspiration in an inter conversation we cover everything from purple cows to brand storytelling and brand storytelling that actually matters little caveat so the internet died in the middle of our conversation we kept recording his audio just changed a little bit but it doesn't change the fact that you can still hear him and little nuggets that he is talking about as well as me Anthony super appreciate you joining this podcast the words so let's jump back into why you got into digital marketing so this is the crazy part I was an aerospace engineer and I used to design satellites and telescopes basically went up and mapped lightning and all this other stuff and that was basically my life through college and then a little bit afterwards and by the time I graduated I was an overpaid paper pusher now you know it sounds much more impressive than it actually is to say oh yeah I worked on top-secret stuff but the reality is they paid me for my signature it was hey I need you to change this from two inches to two and a quarter inches then sign off on it because you're an engineer so I didn't really like that job and I eventually ended up getting fired from that job not necessarily because of bad performance but my company had just been acquired and then they relocated me to San Diego and then I had just had it worse loss in the world here you know him and I just clash all the time because he wanted to duct-tape everything and I said no this stuff has to be safe you know so I ended up getting fired from that job and I said okay well I don't want to be an engineer this sucks this is [ __ ] and I just had this horrible experience so I decided to invest in real estate and at the time Davis was 2010 or 2011 the real estate market was just like climbing just crank so I bought a house in Riverside County and just by living in the house I made like $60,000 and I didn't do anything I didn't flip it and I had roommates paying for my mortgage so like nothing was really even out of pocket so I said okay I lost my job I have to do I should do the skin because I don't want to be an engineer again so I decided okay I'll take six months get my unemployment checks and then go invest out of state because by now the real estate market started going up and I can afford in California anymore then I want to Atlanta about two houses out there and I I was referred to a contractor through my real estate agent and here's where the sour side happens I didn't know something called contractor fraud existed so basically I pulled a hard money loan to pay for these houses and I put 50% down on these houses for the guy to start fixing it up and he started doing it and then all of a sudden he walked away with $100,000 didn't do a thing so here I am I don't have a job as an engineer anymore I'm on unemployment barely running out you know like last few months here and the dude just robbed me a hundred thousand dollars and so you know I was contacting him I was contacting every Police Department they wouldn't do anything the lawyers wouldn't do anything because it was a federal matter and then they wanted like 30 grand just to see the guy they couldn't even guarantee my money they just wanted the 30 grand and said yeah we win we win and we lose he still owed me 30 grand so basically I had to fire him because I couldn't do anything else and I couldn't prove fraud or anything and I ended up driving out to Atlanta and living in this house without water plumbing or electricity and bullet holes and I was sleeping on the floor was sawdust with my two dogs and stuff like that and for all intents and purposes I was homeless I was homeless for about a year and a half doing that and so there's a climbing gym I'm a rock climber so the climbing gym was my shower and I would go over there take a shower everyday I would eat canned chicken for 30 days straight you know I didn't have a toilet so I was literally pooping in a bucket because it was so dangerous outside I would go out and people were slinging drugs they're hookers like right outs on my you know front door basically so I just like stayed in I had my Costco chicken and you know I went 40,000 more in debt just to get this house habitable enough to sell it as is so I ended up selling it as if to this investor and you know by that time I had no idea what I was going to do because it was a year and a half and I couldn't go back to work nobody wanted to hire me anymore because I had been out of work for too long and you have to picture this I'm a hundred thousand dollars in debt of borrowed money then I'm forty thousand in credit card debt and I can't get a job besides maybe jack in the box with an aerospace engineering degree and so I was like oh my god what'd I do but this is I mean I say it's the worst and best thing that's ever happened to me because at the climbing gym where I took a shower I met this guy and he sold the used books on Amazon and he would drive around to thrift stores and you know drive up and down creation go to libraries buy these books and flip them and he was he showed me his numbers I think he's making like a hundred and twenty thousand dollars a year doing and so I had no other choice I came back to California and that was the first thing I did I I took 50 bucks I went to the local thrift store I started picking up these books and I would remember I mean my first sale was like sleeping you know it was like 4:00 in the morning I sold a book called save the cat on screenwriting or something like that and you know basically that got me hooked so I started driving up and down California and picking up all these used books and I have these bookshelves in the room and you know how stacking these books cleaning them scanning them in sending them to the amazon fulfillment centers when a customer placed an order amazon would ship it to my customer so i didn't have to do any work and the only problem was i was driving all around creation in LA traffic and san diego traffic and you know it ended up being like more work than my full-time job and because i was so heavily in debt you know just the resources weren't there I couldn't hire anybody because I was still like all the money basically went to paying down interest or reinvesting in inventory and so I started thinking about other ways to optimize process so I started wholesaling and from wholesaling I learned about private labeling from China and at the time this was a big thing you would buy products from China you'd slap your label and do some minor marketing on it you listed on Amazon and since Amazon owns so much the traffic you basically sold on autopilot and you didn't have to do anything and it worked my god it worked I was selling I think on Black Friday I sold something like 69 units and made $2,000 a day and I didn't lift a finger there was initial work sure like I had to send a few emails I had to take a picture and come up with a logo myself right product descriptions and things like that but it worked but then Amazon put like a review slap on kind of what you hear stories of the Google penguin slap where people would try to work the system basically in order to win on Amazon you have to be on page one because nobody goes to page twenty and back then to get to page one you give away a bunch of free products in exchange for a review Amazon would recognize that as a sale then you build that social proof and so your product starts to sell automatically but when Amazon started removing all those reviews and banned incentivized reviews it put me back at square one and mind you this is like still me being and super heavy debt you know and I had just placed another order for like another shipment of inventory coming at the u.s. you know and so I was like oh crap what do I do I have all this inventory and it's to let the Amazon warehouse mind you but I have a lot of this inventory I don't know what to do with it I can't push product and I didn't know anything about marketing it came across a webinar and on building an email list by Mike Dillard and basically that was the start to my entire marketing venture I purchased the course and I was really disappointed because here I thought it would apply to e-commerce and it was all about selling information forty nine dollars or whatever it is but it gave me the foundations of how to run a business it gave me the foundations of what a tripwire product was what a lead magnet was how to have a continuity or in up sells and down sells and so that I took and I said okay this could apply to e-commerce so I started thinking okay well there's so much I don't know so I started consuming tons more content and with every piece of content I consumed there was a piece of garbage content I was you know and that's really the journey of how I got into digital marketing and why I'm trying to create a personal brand because I can't tell you that countless hours I've spent listening to absolute garbage content from these so-called internet marketers that talk about funnels and whatever else and it wasted so much of my time especially me being such heavy in debt so I started listening to everything on 2x speed to consume the information and filter out whether it's garbage or not and the way I basically saw it was does it apply to e-commerce does it apply to software as a service does it apply to information if it applies to everything and all the above then it's good marketing if it doesn't if your teaching means some one step one dollar a day Facebook hack that teaches you how to sell information to other people to teach them how to sell information I'm not interested so I started learning from David Ogilvy I started learning from like the old-school guys like Claude Hopkins and all these people and I started studying the Harmon brothers religiously to find out why their videos worked and what the pacing of was of that obviously digital marketer and a bunch of these guys and I basically compiled like a huge list of stuff in my head I have a whole hard drive of just advertising references and swipes and things like that and you know it really turned me into a good marketer but by that time I ran out of money you know because this this was like six months to a year in the making you know I have all this product I just paid for and I basically have to learn how to build a business from scratch the right way without any shortcuts so this took like six months a year out of my time and I said okay you know what I'm poor now I'm gonna try to launch any information products and then I just long story short around our money for Facebook advertising so you know I ended up applying for jobs because you know by now I'm like 50,000 in credit cards after buying inventory and all that and you know my boss right now he just comes up he's like man your resume stood out I don't know what it is but you're an entrepreneur I know it's a double-edged sword because entrepreneurs can never be employees and it's completely true I'm exhausted every day and you know like all I think about is my work and what I'm trying to accomplish and what I want to change in this internet marketing industry but you know I really want to bring the foundations back to people so it's not this one step hack or my simple three step funnel process or any of that stuff I really want to bring real advertising back to people so business owners don't get gypped I'm a victim of it myself you know I paid for courses I wasted countless hours on webinars that don't work so that's my long story rags to riches it's such a crazy story and so your day job you do marketing and then your side hustles marketing as well right yeah so my my side hustle is to try to establish a better means of business education for people it's really sad because we live in this kind of new age of business education where everything's a webinar everything's a selfie stick I'm teaching this Facebook live stuff and then they teach you that oh you just host your webinar and things will sell well I'm sorry I will never be able to sell my set of Bose headphones with a webinar and so my whole goal is to redefine how people learn internet marketing and actually teach them the right processes it's kind of like how I feel this whole space is evolving is back then people were just trying to learn how to use the tools instead of the principles but you can't build an aircraft component without understanding physics all right you might know all the bolts you might know the threads you might know the machinery but if you don't know the physics your planes are never gonna fly and it's the same thing with marketing you could learn this one-step funnel that worked for whatever marketer but if you don't understand the purpose of a funnel if you don't understand the purpose of direct response if you don't understand you know all the stuff it's not gonna work it worked for that marketer for that product but you might have completely different products you might be ecommerce you might be in software as a service you might be doing videography or whatever you're doing but if you don't understand the principles it's like not understanding physics and hoping that you're gonna be able to make a car that works the analogy is pretty impactful in the sense that it's going back to the basics and going back to understanding the tools and you mentioned going back to bringing this big push in the digital like the internet marketing industry and pulling it back to real marketing how do you define real marketing what is that for people who need to come back to the basics well I believe you have to practice what you preach so I run ad spend obviously at my day job I've run a business in the past you know I I know what I'm doing but more importantly if you're gonna teach something and you're gonna market what you're teaching then the way you market it better be the same way Apple will market it or the same way it should be cross-platform so my point being is yes webinars work to sell information webinars will not work to sell something like a drill you know I mean nobody's I guess you could hypothetically say could but nobody's going to give you an hour of their time to listening you to you talking about a drill so you don't bring back certain things like pretty much certain things like video quality you know you wouldn't never see a selfie stick on TV I'm sorry you would never see it heck half of these like amateur youtubers have better video quality bring back developing an actual marketing story that compels people I posted going like hey my name is Anthony and other duh would youwould would you really say hey guys my name is Anthony and I'm selling Apple iPod right here you know he does this this this you know that's how a lot of these internet marketers teach internet marketing you know they say that I ran this quick advertising dressed in a Batman suit and I got leads and so this must be how you run advertising but the way I see it if it doesn't apply if those same concepts don't apply across all the different industries I'm sorry it's bad advertising and you're actually manipulating people because you're trying to tell them that they could quit their day job by doing this one simple Facebook funnel and always accept if I just think you're not practicing the real stuff you're not practicing what you preach and so my goal is to bring good video quality back good storytelling back a good example of something that most people don't have the budget to do but there's this new company that's out called masterclass oh yeah yeah I get their ads all the time you get their ads all the time and although most of their ads don't follow the standard direct response like problem agitate you know solution call the action kind of deal even though none of their advertising has that you saw how want to take a course by Gordon Ramsay right and granted they also have the celebrity yes tie-in you know they've got these a listers who are like oh I do want to learn from the best it's truly a masterclass it breaks down both visually and with images from their weather their films or their scores yeah it's most of them are within the film and TV industry and you're pulled in by the fact that oh they did that recognizable exactly and that piece and I want to learn how to do that that's that's a perfect example and like I said you know for whoever's gonna view this in the future I completely understand that most people don't have this kind of budget or the skill set a few things one a lot of the skill set could be learned on YouTube the lighting could be learned on YouTube there are plenty of case studies where they took like ten year old cameras and just tweaked the lighting and it looks HD the other thing is where we're working with chamber media right now and chamber media did a great great fantastic ad for our pillows and it literally used three locations I believe a bedroom a kitchen and a laundry room and Travis chambers with one of the actors so obviously that comes as a free expense my point being is that you still could provide a very very good direct response video that's entertaining and not boring on a fairly low budget and this could apply to information products as well you don't have to be limited to a webinar you don't have to be limited to you know a really bad quality selfie stick you could create a story that moves people that pieces people that makes people laugh draws in their emotion and incorporates your branding without you know very expensive equipment it's very very well possible I mean for God's sakes your iPhone shoots at 4k you know well and I Henderson agree with what you're saying and it's interesting too because as the potential of doing this and be successful at this model on the internet continues to grow I feel like there's gonna be a bubble that burst with all these self-made coaches internet marketers brand owners who granted they've been smart with how they've approached and hacked the system to make it work but it's been that unique balance between I mentioned earlier between the creative and the strategy or like the science behind things is where many of them lack the creative knowledge but they they know the strategy that's working the formula and so they they provide one half of the equation that pulling people in with yeah they may have a nice mic but you don't or you see them on a webcam on their cell phone and they're mixed in with a slideshow presentation yeah and that that gets you so far but it's you're being sold less with stories although your story is incredibly real and authentic in like it is emotional like to have your story told in a professional video would be incredible but oftentimes the go-to story which although may be true it's kind of beating a dead horse of I was on my parents couch yeah that's not the story it's like they're selling the rags-to-riches or it's like oh now I'm gonna go buy this Bentley although five years ago I was on this couch so you can do this - yeah that's not that's not what we're trying to sell when we sell product when we sell product that's not the story your customer doesn't care about that story the only reason people teach that story is because they for whatever reason think that the customer could view their the info in that position the real story goes back to the hero's journey I think by Jack Campbell where the customer is the hero that hero has a problem that problem you know is triggered by something and then a this journey that hero meets a guide that gives them the plan and that plan is to help them overcome the quest to get the end result which is to be the hero so it's Jack Campbell's hero's journey to bring it back into marketing your customer is the hero that's the story you need to tell not necessarily the rags to riches if the rags to riches story falls into that great but the actual story you need to tell is hey you're the hero of this movie my product can help you solve this problem that you're overcoming I'm my brand whether it be personal or you know big corporation my brand is the guide and we're gonna give you this plan a Kay the new Apple iPhone or whatever it is and that plan is going to help you overcome your obstacles objections and all these quests so you could fulfill and step into your role of the hero that's the story that we need to communicate to our prospects it just so happens that in this internet marketing space people think that that story is about them well it's a misunderstanding of what story is - I mean you hit on it with the hero's journey way I break it up is you have you know the main character is being the heart of the story has a desire and wants to accomplish something be that solve their problem usually and so they're sent on this journey the hero's journey right and then along the way there's conflict yep and then the relatable part in the most impactful part is how they overcome that conflict or maybe they don't but it threads a resolution and that's kind of the it's the whole idea of accomplishing and a desire with struggle and conflict yep so Andrew Stanton he's a writer for Pixar and he's directed - he does a TED talk where he breaks down to the elements of a good story because we all know Pixar are credible storytellers and he talks about the make me care element do I care about the characters you know you could write an incredible script or you could create an incredible product but how do you make someone care about the product what makes an impactful how can they have an emotional response from experiencing whether it's your content or the product itself and what value it can provide so it's interesting - because the marketer you know the internet marketers or other brand owners I mean it goes far beyond just the internet marketing industry is do you make somebody these buzzwords yeah like how do you make him someone care and how do you define these taboo words you know from the word story or the word authentic in my opinion this goes back to dating the reason you date a guy or girl is because you think that they are cool beans you know you like them as a person you might initially be attracted to how they look or whatever but at the end of the day what's gonna make you stay together is the fact that you know they're this fun lovable person you're this fun lovable person and you guys match and when it comes to your brand or your product you need to hit on that emotion you know everybody has a specific archetype there are people that are the humorous people there are people that are the big macho man right and your product needs to tailor to who they want to become if this awesome stainless steel hunting knife that's you know black powder-coated is going to make them feel like this macho man then that means that your product advertising needs to convey that hey I'm this badass stainless steel hunting knife and by buying me you could solve your problem of insecurity and wanting to be a macho man you know and my point is that that at the end of day that is direct response that is selling a product and back to what you were saying about content content is just a means of delivery of that you're not always going to get that two-minute video to communicate everything you need because people's attention spans are shorter and you're going to need more touch points as customers and people become immune to your marketing so content is going to be increasingly more important because what's going to happen they're gonna see your ad initially and then they're gonna swipe away and blow it off and then they'll see your retargeting it may be that retargeting ad is a branding video that shows your awesome hunting knives and how you could be this awesome Grizzly Man you know and then they'll still click away because they're not ready to buy and pay 60 bucks for a knife yet and then all of a sudden they run into a blog blog article of how you could build your own shelter with this hunting knife and now they're starting to picture themselves building the shelter being this you know wilderness man versus nature kind of deal and now they're starting to become perceptive and ready to take on your advertising the next time you do launch direct response ahead and create that story that if the customer buys the hunting knife they could be this awesome crazy manly human being that's how you sell a product you know you could do this if you're really really good you do this in four minutes like the Harmon brothers but you know as like I said as people becoming immune to that kind of marketing it's gonna be more important to do commerce because let's say the Harmon brothers everybody starts hiring the Harmon brothers to do humorous videos I've analyzed the Harmon brothers so many times that their advertising doesn't work on me because I'm like okay yet another same formula you know but that's going to eventually happen and that's kind of how the progression of marketing started it started with direct response everybody's selling you know as seen on TV chopping block infomercials and that was like the when TV media came in that was kind of the first exposure and then once direct response started becoming less effective that's when branding started becoming more important that's why people inside the perfume commercials they don't talk about oh how lovely it's gonna make you smell they start talking about you know you could be this Marshall player man or you could be the sexy woman or whatever they never talk about the perfume they talk about who you could become that's the story thus the story of the customer and who the customer could become by buying a perfume long story short after that happened and everybody started copying that and Apple and Samsung both become the next big thing we go back to what Seth Godin talks about with the purple cow it's no longer enough to just brand or be direct response you have to be different and being different means you solve problems and the salt business is is solving problems that the other guy isn't it's not necessarily being better it's solving the problems that are lacking in your industry wow that's powerful what you just said you know and it's interesting too because that's I had this conversation recently actually with my brother who is a sales guy he loves sales and he's really fascinated by the webinar experience and he wants to become a master at webinar experience and while I was what I was telling him is with producing the webinar experience that we've seen many times with the clients with the brands I support with content I don't want to be I don't want the content to be like all the other webinars because it's the cut and dry it's the voice it's the slideshow what they're lacking is the creative and the story who says you can't sell and hack the webinar experience and that sells fun I mean there's always a sales funnel that exists in different forms right but you modify the webinar experience and you tap into storytelling for one you focus less on like I'm gonna lead you down this path and do all the upsell you know like you can incorporate that but you can shorten it down to easily less than 15 minutes I mean the webinars we see are 45 minutes plus I mean you can cut it down even shorter than 50 minutes you can tell a story and you can just focus on like and just being upfront and honest like I don't need to give you all this fluff beforehand I'll provide you a little value but I'll do so by telling a story I think people get stuck in like oh this work this for this for this webinar formula works and so I'm gonna keep on doing it it's gonna burst on one point and there's there's not longevity to these models like it needs to be hacked so though the way I see it it's kind of like Disneyland Disneyland started with one theme park in Anaheim California then they did Florida and now they have China and they have Paris and all of a sudden I even though Disneyland is still a powerhouse all of a sudden as they release more theme parks it becomes less exclusive and B people become less immune to wanting to go to Disney because it's right down the street Six Flags you know magic theme park encounter the same thing and it's the same thing with the webinar experience or like I don't want to just limit it to webinars but any kind of product you sell like I said back then it was infomercials and then all these infomercials started coming out and people became immune to infomercials and so people had to get more creative and do branding and so forth and it's the same thing with a webinar experience with marketing what areas do you specialize in like what do you specifically focus on and that applies it beyond just marketing but other principles right I mean it's the cycles of society I mean there's you know it's the whole idea behind history repeats itself and it just it does in different forms I mean technology has opened up more avenues for the same principles to be utilized so and so the sells process behind video content exclusively or other forms of content to at the end of the day the script is a script I mean with video content you have to worry a little more about how to

seem everything but as far as the words the words are the words you know what I mean mm-hmm so you know it could be anything from Facebook ads to the script of a video to an email marketing campaign that uses words you know things like that and taking them through that whole customer journey sort of time so they're interested by your product so it's the stacking of marketing and stacking of trust essentially mm-hmm is it your goal to eventually pursue your side hustle exclusively but the goal is to you know masterclass girls things like that and the goal is to basically shakes a lot of what internet marketing is now that's that's like a super passionate thing because you know I was in ecommerce and I did sell physical products I got burned a few times and I spent thousands of dollars of courses so I just want to fix the issue so that nobody else gets burned again and I want Mickey in a cane and then I wanted to get to another level like I want to turn it into a store an actual store where there's an Add to Cart button there's a wish list there's order history you know things like that we're instead of just click bundles and lead pages on whatever else it's you to run like an actual business like Amazon hmm or masterclass if you go on masterclasses a website there's an enhanced Cart button there's my account button you know all this stuff so I'm actually paying a developer right now in coordinating you know that's predominantly where I spent most of my side hustles on is I coordinated with this web developer exactly how I need this website layout and I already have like a business plan of how to launch this content interesting okay cool I'm interesting learn more about this school because back then direct response in selling the next chopped block worked but then it got old and then branding worked and then branding got old because coca-cola and Pepsi had the same brand you have one Samsung had seen branding so people become I mean to it and now the only thing that works and the only thing that will forever work is to be different to be the purple cow and I don't know if you've heard Seth Godin book or seeing his talk or anything but he talks about how if you're the purple cow and a sea of normal cows you're the one that stands out if you're just a normal cow in your driving by the side of the road nobody's gonna stop to pay attention to you but if you're purple people will pull over they'll take a selfie with you the owner of that cow could charge five bucks a head and you'll still page take the selfie and it's the same concept of why everybody goes to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower because it's the only one around that's why you know the purple master sells so well because it's the only one with that technology so but to be the purple cow you don't really have to be revolutionary I found out that there are actually nine things that you could do in order to create the unique selling proposition just keep your business different for example at the Dollar Shave Club you know be solved a problem and this goes back to our talked earlier where I said all businesses are solving problems that nobody else is doing so the Dollar Shave Club didn't reinvent the razor big bought 70 cent razors from Alibaba what did they reinvent the reinvention price and they they reel into the convenience for the first time ever you get razors sent straight to your door for starting at a dollar you don't have to pay the high margins generic razors at $1 to your door so that was an example of how you could develop a unique selling proposition without having to creek like expensive new technology you know and there's countless examples of this Prime Amazon Prime was two days shipping first company ever it's all for free two-day shipping the list goes on and on and again so basically I sat back and this is not something you'll find Tesla by sat back and figure it out what made people the purple cow because everybody tells you you need to be unique and stand out but nobody tells you how long story short I'm going to be launching this brand and that's gonna be my first course is teaching you how to create that unique selling proposition so you could stand out from a competition and you're gonna structure it like the Masterclass platform or there's an ad card there's by now there's coupon codes obviously I'm going to implement some things like free trainings and stuff but instead of entering your email address I'm actually hard programming it so you could just press Continue with Facebook like you've seen on websites and stuff like that and I'll retrieve your email address or even Asus so they'll remove a barrier for people things like that I guess the main structure that I'm planning to structure with is I'm I want to create a very documentary inter-team value type feel to it where yes it's going to sell but more importantly it's going to entertain a wild song so it's not just another boring thing you're watching it's not just a million other internet marketing videos you've seen you know and so the whole goal is that every year there's a different season teaching a different thing and it's very much like a recurring TV show ah gotcha crazy and how so how are you going to look about sourcing content in that process because you're you're not necessarily the content creator but you're the strategy owner and developer behind all this kind of both um I mean I can create content but like I said if it's just pure entertainment value I'm really bad at that stuff but I've scripted out a fool like I think it's still in first draft but I script it out a full three-part documentary series on it I've also got my girlfriend who's a little more on the creative side she she likes to do creative writing she helps out with that but you know where it's still under learning processes - so you know because we're all starting out with our side hustles and all that you know it's you know totally totally well the cool thing I mean the cool thing about the creative side is as with many things that you want to learn it it's an acquired skill you put in the time you can learn it and as you mentioned earlier - the skills to learn different things are available online easily free or paid and so and and the tools are more accessible now more than ever you know on the creative side or on the strategy side and so it's it's this this offer of this offering this platform you're building some super fascinating I'm really interested to markers you know I just know how tough it could be getting torn every which way and you know learning this thing and then it doesn't work and learning that thing and does organ them in the interim you waste all this money I can only imagine if I had kids yeah you know that's that's really why I want to get into this industry and change it because I could very well easily buy more product from China imported in you know create a two-minute viral video with the help of a videographer and then sell but you know there's although there might be some fulfillment in that it's just I'm much more passionate in making sure people get inserted on the right foot it goes back to the talk that we had earlier where you can't build an aircraft without learning the physics you can't you can't build a funnel without understanding what the purpose of lives and the purpose of the funnel is through either raise awareness or increase trust yeah at the end of the day advertising is advertising you know it's it goes back to just just be cool you know girls don't want to date douchey boys boys don't want to date girls they're you know little pricks so it's the same thing with advertising a brand you know it goes back to authenticity it goes back to are you interrupting them when they don't want to be interrupted or you know things like that or are you helping them escape their day job of doom want your audience to hear is change and it's really as business owners we get really really overwhelmed with the ins and outs so we use leadpages or clip phones to reuse email marketing or do we use Facebook Google shopping or whatever it's really really easy to get consumed in that and forget what the actual purpose of running in businesses and that is to solve a problem that makes your customers happy when you could become passionate with that you don't need to worry about any of this stuff reddit started with like a five hundred dollar advertising budget doing stickers you know so the message is more important the message on the products more important than all the Nitty Gritty techniques because the psychology hasn't changed yeah totally get it well Anthony it's been real seriously I've really appreciated the time so we mentioned content and brand building throughout this episode so if you're overwhelmed with running your business and you know you need more content especially an ongoing constant supply of content that's custom all in order to take your brand to the next level then make sure to learn more and check out our website of content supply at content supply dot IO so thanks for listening everyone and we'll see you on the next episode


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